TCS - A BMC Strategic Partner

Partnering across the deal life cycle


Together, BMC and TCS provide marquee solutions that align BMC technology with best practices and learning from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

TCS provides sales enablement, sales, deal conversion, pre-sales, and delivery support for BMC solutions. As a BMC Strategic Partner, TCS has the expertise to provide its customers:

  • Outsourcing solutions
  • Cloud computing solutions
  • BSM solutions
  • Transformation solutions
  • Tools and process automation

TCS provides the following business value to its customers:

  • Proven delivery methodology and trained and certified engineers
  • Dedicated lab setup (Executive Briefing Center, Bangalore) and SME support
  • Experience in multiple projects, covering major infrastructure domains
  • Multi-sourced environment expertise to manage suppliers by assuring SLAs
  • Predictable and standardized processes
  • Transparent infrastructure solutions that reduce total cost of ownership
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Contact Us

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