NetApp - A BMC Strategic Alliance Partner

Partnering to bring storage management into BSM

NetApp is a leading vendor of innovative storage and data management solutions that help organizations around the world store, manage, protect, and retain their data.


Let our partnership help you save time, effort, and money on such projects as storage provisioning, recovery, backup, and test and development

The Choice in modernizing data center storage:

  • Unified Architecture: Use one architecture for all workloads
  • Intelligent Caching: Optimize cost performance by workload
  • Secure Multi-Tenancy: Securely isolate shared storage
  • Scale-Up and Scale-Out: Scale performance and capacity on demand
  • Service Automation and Analytics: Reduce complexity and enable IT as a service
  • Nonstop Operations: Provide continuous data availability for all tenants
  • Integrated Data Protection: Provide seamless protection for backups and disaster recovery
  • Storage Efficiency: Experience built-in efficiency at every step
  • Cloud Computing:  Create integrated, dynamic infrastructures that deliver IT as a service—either internally (private cloud) or externally (public cloud)

Together, NetApp and BMC deliver comprehensive BSM that includes the best of storage management.




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