Amazon Web Services - A BMC Technology Alliance Partner

Working together to deliver complete cloud services and cloud management

BMC has expanded its long-standing alliance with Amazon Web Services to deliver a complete cloud services and cloud management portfolio that will give enterprise customers fast and flexible access to the power of the AWS cloud.


Partnership Focus:

BMC and Amazon Web Services (AWS) are partnering to:

  • Provide integrated comprehensive solutions supporting transition from on-premises to cloud
  • Improve IT agility with management support across traditional, private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud environments
  • Accelerate transition to cloud with management of AWS environments available through BMC’s BSM solutions
  • Ensure operational support of the market leader in the public cloud space

Building on significant ongoing product integration, BMC is working closely with Amazon to deliver bundled solutions targeted at key Enterprise IT use cases for cloud.

The combination of AWS and BMC enables enterprises to run their complex workloads quickly and in a cost-effective manner. It is a powerful collaboration that will transform how customers deploy and manage their clouds.

Whether your use case for cloud is data-center consolidation, production applications, or simple development and test workloads, BMC and AWS will help you address your governance and control requirements, giving you the confidence to adopt AWS in your enterprise. 

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BMC expands its long-standing alliance with Amazon Web Services, offering integrated cloud solutions for Enterprise IT.

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