Akamai - A BMC Strategic Alliance Partner

Partnering to manage the end-user experience delivered through the Akamai Intelligent Platform™

Combine Akamai’s market-leading web application and website acceleration services with real-time visibility into end-user performance from BMC to improve performance of your cloud applications.


BMC and Akamai are showing the way to a managed and transparent view of cloud services. With BMC and Akamai, you can:
  • Measure the real-time, real-user performance for Akamai-accelerated applications and websites — or non-accelerated applications to determine if acceleration is needed — to ensure optimal end-user experience
  • Validate application and website performance against service level targets
  • Quickly pinpoint the source of end-user performance problems, such as page or network latency issues
  • Determine if performance problems are caused by page or application design or if the application needs to be accelerated to remain competitive
  • Identify new opportunities and confirm the value of application acceleration

Together, BMC and Akamai deliver comprehensive visibility and prove the value of accelerating your critical applications via the Akamai Intelligent Platform™ so you can increase your competitive advantage.

New SaaS-based Solution

New SaaS-based Solution

Announcing the industry’s first “real-time, real-user” Application Performance Management as a Service solution for cloud applications. Quickly diagnose and manage real-user performance for your accelerated cloud applications.