CGI - A BMC Strategic Alliance Partner

Experience the commitment®

CGI is a strategic BMC system integrator partner with a focused team of highly trained consultants to ensure your BMC solutions are up and running — and driving greater business efficiency and customer experience. The partnership between BMC Software and CGI has extended over 15 years.


The CGI relationship with BMC focuses on:

  • Integrated IT service management on premise and in the cloud
  • Data center automation
  • Enterprise cloud computing
  • Proactive operations

From core service desk and tier-1 outsourcing services, infrastructure services, or data center automation, CGI helps companies cross this chasm with a mix of SaaS-based solutions along with practical advisory and implementation services based upon real-world engagements.

CGI’s partnership with BMC is based on the following principles and client benefits:

·         Increase business agility through automation and industrialization: CGI works in partnership with BMC to identify and architect offerings that best meet each client’s specific business requirements.

·         Optimize your technology environment: CGI’s collaboration with BMC on solution design and full access to BMC’s global network of experts and software engineers minimizes project risks and accelerates solution delivery. The ability to integrate with new and existing environments accelerates the time to value.

·         Empower IT to focus on strategic opportunities: A BMC global account team (with representatives deployed globally) ensures strong consistency and knowledge transfer for solutions developed jointly by CGI and BMC Software, improving quality, delivery, and results.


·         Trained professionals: CGI has certified BMC professionals supporting clients around the world.

CGI and BMC have combined capabilities to provide innovative solutions to clients on a global basis:

·         Enterprise Service Management: Joint offering and go-to-market solution to provide a seamless approach to delivering ITIL-based processes for managing IT services.


·         Remedy OnDemand: BMC Remedy OnDemand is hosted from the CGI cloud in Montréal. The partnership enables CGI to immediately offer clients the latest technology in service management to help them align IT more effectively with the needs of customers and business users. CGI’s enterprise service management solution gives its clients control over business policies and IT processes and now fully integrates Remedy OnDemand to offer complete, modern IT service management. CGI’s cloud-based solution is available through custom-tailored, fully or partially managed, delivery options.


·         Workload Automation: Control-M workload automation software allows self-service for business users and keeps non-IT personnel informed and engaged with a self-service mobile app tailored to their needs. Clients use Control-M to manage time-based reporting through a single user interface that can consolidate information from multiple systems.


·         Private Cloud: Together, CGI and BMC can enable your customers to build a proactive IT capability and turn IT into a growth accelerator for your business. Allowing clients to streamline operations by automating the management of the network, servers, and storage together, you can deliver global IT as a service through a storefront self-service catalog designed for your users.