CUSTOMER SUCCESS: City of Long Beach Cost-Efficiently Streamlines Municipal Processes with BMC’s Workload Automation Solution

BMC Control-M Enables the City to Improve IT Services and Management to Support Payroll, Utility Billing, Reporting and other Critical Processes

Long Beach, Calif., May 1, 2012 – BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC), the recognized leader in Business Service Management (BSM), today announced that the City of Long Beach, California has improved its delivery of IT services with the BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution. With the new solution in place, the city can better manage and control its scheduled workloads across a hybrid data center to cost-efficiently streamline processes, detect issues and improve service.

The City of Long Beach has earned recognition as a Top-10 Digital City for its strength in embracing current technology to improve the delivery of city services while minimizing costs. Playing to this strength is the city’s selection of the BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution for managing and scheduling IT workloads that support municipal processes. The city selected the tool based on its ability to manage scheduled work across the entire hybrid datacenter. This functionality is paramount as the city migrates off the mainframe to a fully distributed environment. The new system also provides a self-service portal to enable business users to manage tasks, generate reports and maintain records without using IT staff resources.

“With the previous software tools we used, we could not see what was happening with our scheduled processing throughout our entire datacenter, which impaired time and cost efficiency,” said Rusty Clark, data center supervisor, City of Long Beach. “Those issues have been fixed with the single point of control delivered by BMC Control-M. Moreover, we can readily identify issues with precision to ensure workload processing occurs on time and without error.”

As part of this project, the city has also implemented the following solutions:

Previously the City of Long Beach used CA7 to manage its workload scheduling for the mainframe, but turned to the BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution because it needed a tool that offered a cross-application, cross-platform approach to support its data center upgrade. The team completed the transition to BMC’s solution in less than two months using BMC’s conversion tools that significantly simplified the process. Additionally, these tools enabled the quick conversion to the BMC Control-D and the BMC Control-M/Tape products.

The city reports the BMC Control-M Self Service solution increased productivity for business and operation users. Tasks that previously required help from the IT staff can now be managed directly, which users enjoy because they feel more in control of their projects. For example, employee paychecks cannot be issued before they are certified. Instead of manually sending files between several people and departments – a slow, error-prone process – a job is scheduled in Control-M that sends the appropriate files to the responsible person for review. After the files are approved from a web browser, the next job in the series is automatically triggered. This new automated process has improved speed and accuracy to ensure timely delivery of paychecks. Furthermore, an audit trail is generated, satisfying compliance and reporting needs.

The BMC Control-M solution also serves as an early warning system to help the city detect and troubleshoot issues before they happen. The ability to see business processes from end to end helps the city be more proactive with their scheduled workloads and ensures service level agreements are met. 

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