CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Leading IT Infrastructure Service Provider Fujitsu FSAS Successfully Manages Private Cloud with BMC Software

TOKYO, April 17, 2012 – Fujitsu FSAS, a leading IT infrastructure service company in Japan, consolidated its nationwide servers and streamlined management of a company-wide private cloud with BMC Software’s (NASDAQ: BMC) BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite.

With approximately 5,500 service account engineers spread across 160 locations, Fujitsu FSAS previously deployed systems optimized for each division at about 80 sites throughout Japan. This resulted in a decentralized server environment that made management of the company-wide IT infrastructure challenging. System administrators were overwhelmed with enormous workloads, which led to operational inefficiencies across the IT environment.

When the operational issues reached a tipping point, Fujitsu FSAS decided to consolidate all of its Japan-based servers in just two sites - east and west - and began constructing a private cloud to unify IT operations. While the consolidation of distributed servers in the east and west sites enabled reduced workloads for local administrators, this private cloud undertaking brought about new challenges as well. Workload for head office administrators increased as they were required to manage all the servers. To solve these problems, Fujitsu FSAS turned to Fujitsu Limited, a BMC Software partner for a viable solution that would streamline its operations.

“Server provisioning in the past was done manually, so it took five business days from the initial request,” said Akiko Takahashi, system development, CIT division, business management group, Fujitsu FSAS. “Now that the process is automated, we can do the same job in just one business day for system related processes. Without the required approvals, we could feasibly complete the process in just half an hour.”

The BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite is an integrated management platform that controls the entire lifecycle of the server environment, from server provisioning to application patching and configuration management at datacenters. Automation minimizes operational errors and saves time spent on recurring tasks, which leads to a considerable reduction in staff time needed for server management. The solution has enabled Fujitsu FSAS to manage the company-wide private cloud environment with just three staff members.

Concurrently, the BMC solution has decreased the IT infrastructure management workload for system administrators in each local office, enabling staff to focus on other important projects. The BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite also enabled centralized system management and ensured good IT governance, boosting system security levels and reinforcing standardization of processes across the IT environment.

To maximize the use of BMC BladeLogic, Fujitsu FSAS is looking forward to greater benefits both internally and externally.

“We are further exploring the extensive functionalities of the BMC BladeLogic Automation Suite and plan to implement these features soon,” said Yutaka Okamoto, system operation, CIT division, business management group, Fujitsu FSAS. “These opportunities, as well as the success we have already enjoyed, have set great expectations of how BMC will help our business going forward.”

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