CUSTOMER SUCCESS: China Pacific Insurance Group Boosts Performance with BMC Software

BEIJING, September 13, 2011 – China Pacific Insurance Co. (CPIC), a leading insurance company in China, has implemented system-wide proactive IT monitoring and achieved improved system performance with Business Service Management (BSM) from BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC).

Since the implementation was completed, CPIC has achieved the following:
  • Unified monitoring of nearly 1,000 servers, including hardware, middleware, back-up and database systems;
  • Consolidation of six monitoring platforms into one;
  • Availability monitoring of 15 applications with early alarm warning before errors occur;
  • Business influence analysis of 20 applications;
  • Renewed focus on business-critical problems, reducing daily events by 70 percent;
  • Reduced average incident response time from 300 seconds to 30 seconds; and
  • Close alignment of system availability with service level agreements.
Established in 1991 as a sales and services network covering many parts of China, CPIC has several subsidiaries, including China Pacific Life Insurance Group, China Pacific Property Insurance Group, Pacific Asset Management Group and Changjiang Pension Insurance Group.
Following CPIC’s centralization of internal data, IT administrators faced the challenge of monitoring and managing the group’s IT infrastructure and equipment, which includes nearly 1,000 servers and 10 different application types, with a limited number of staff. CPIC realized traditional monitoring methods weren’t prioritizing problems effectively, putting a huge burden on business performance.
Taking a business-oriented strategy, CPIC upgraded its monitoring system by implementing the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management solution. The system monitors IT infrastructure by aligning CPIC’s systems with BMC’s Transaction Monitoring Application Response Time functionality, thereby establishing a universal, business-oriented monitoring system. Now CPIC can quickly predict problems and prioritize solutions according to business priority, dramatically cutting error resolution time while freeing the IT team from constant fire-fighting mode by providing warnings before errors actually occur.
Using the event and impact management capabilities included in the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management solution, the company can now maintain service level agreements by quickly identifying which events put the business at the greatest risk. The rich reporting capabilities provide IT operations staff with a complete view of performance, improving overall operational visibility.
In 2008, CPIC began to focus on aligning IT processes with business needs and further expanded its deployment of BMC’s leading BSM platform. By delivering application service model and transaction monitoring, CPIC was able to stay abreast of the status and availability of applications. This empowered the group’s IT team to make informed management decisions that better served the business.
"By adopting BMC's Business Service Management platform, our IT has become more business-oriented,” said Xu Jianguo, general manager of IT Operation Center, CPIC Group. “This has helped IT managers address problems in line with our business priorities and has ensured that our IT investments are supporting our business goals.”
“The insurance industry is very competitive and staying agile while exceeding service level agreements is critical to its success,” said Steve Su, country manager, North Pacific Rim for BMC Software. “With BMC’s BSM solutions, CPIC is able to see major benefits in productivity within a short period of time and channel their resources more efficiently to focus on what’s really important to the business.”
Many companies like CPIC are taking a business-oriented and strategic approach to aligning IT processes with business needs. CPIC has taken the next step towards delivering IT performance and excellence by implementing this unified management approach from BMC Software so the company will be able to deliver on their service level commitments and greater customer satisfaction.
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