BMC Software Acquires Phurnace Software

HOUSTON, January 7, 2010– BMC Software (NASDAQ: BMC) today announced it has acquired privately held Phurnace Software, a leading developer of automation software that significantly reduces the cost, complexity and risk to deploy and configure Java-based applications on physical, virtual and cloud environments.

As businesses increasingly expand their use of Java applications for critical IT services, IT organizations have encountered substantial challenges in managing the roll-out, stability and configuration integrity of these applications. Addressing these challenges with manual or script-based solutions results in unreliable and delayed application deployments that impact the business, application downtime that degrades service levels and puts revenue at risk, and a brittle infrastructure that is difficult to manage and maintain.
As of this announcement, BMC will sell and support Phurnace products as BMC BladeLogic Application Release Automation, the only solution available today that fully automates the application deployment process to streamline implementations, reduce the risk of errors and help customers avoid downtime and outages traditionally associated with manual or script-based processes.
BMC plans to quickly embed Phurnace technology into the BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suite product, providing customers with seamless, rapid full-stack provisioning and compliance of all infrastructure layers, including the operating system, patches, middleware and applications.
“The increased frequency and criticality of application deployments and changes make it difficult and costly for IT organizations to rely on manual change and deployment processes,” said Ronni Colville, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner, Inc. “Organizations need to embrace an automated application release solution to ensure efficient, repeatable, accurate and reliable application deployments.”
Phurnace technology integrates seamlessly into existing BMC BladeLogic deployments and provides the following benefits:
  • Unique ability to model and deploy Java™ Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications for WebLogic,  WebSphere®, JBoss and WebSphere Portal;
  • Complete elimination of scripting through automation and tokenization;
  • Rapid troubleshooting and remediation by auditing and synchronizing application server configurations;
  • Automatic migration of applications from one version of an application server to another;
  • Ability to preview and validate changes prior to deployment.
“We see the application layer as the next frontier in data center automation, and the combination of BMC’s industry-leading automation solutions and Phurnace is a fundamental game changer. Only through automation can customers drastically reduce the time it takes to deploy applications to a production environment while dramatically reducing the risks and costs of the deployment process,” said Dev Ittycheria, president, Enterprise Service Management at BMC. “By integrating Phurnace into our platform, BMC is now the only company that can help customers automate the deployment and configuration of business-critical Java EE applications. This acquisition significantly enhances our capabilities in the application layer, positions us extremely well to manage the next-generation data center and considerably strengthens BMC’s business service management platform.”
In a report entitled, “Phurnace Acquisition Will Enhance BMC Server Automation Suite”, published January 7, 2010, Gartner covered BMC’s acquisition of Plum Software. The report is available at

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