CUSTOMER SUCCESS: BMC Software Improves Mainframe Performance, Automation for TIVIT

HOUSTON, August 23, 2010 In a new video on BMC Software’s (NASDAQ: BMC) website, IT service provider TIVIT explains how mainframe monitoring and automation solutions from BMC increased the Brazilian company’s availability and quality of service.

TIVIT uses the BMC MainView solutions to cut costs, increase efficiencies, improve availability and reduce risk. They chose BMC MainView and its architecture to provide high availability for their mainframe enterprise. As a service provider, TIVIT must deliver continuous availability for their customers. The BMC MainView solutions help reduce central processor usage, speed up the detection and resolution of problems and minimize the opportunity for human error.
In order for TIVIT to provide the high level of service required by its clients, data center automation is imperative. By using BMC Mainframe Automation Management, TIVIT mitigates the risks of outages and meets committed deadlines by providing automatic, correct responses to conditions. It identifies what actions are being taken and pin-points duplicate or unnecessary processes. This gives TIVIT the insight to ensure automation is aligned to deliver the best service to their customers – a key component of BMC Business Service Management (BSM).
According to the video, BMC solutions have been used extensively at TIVIT to improve the quality of services provided, particularly in the area of automation. The most significant benefits were found within the company’s infrastructure management area. The video further states that data centers today require automation and BMC’s solutions perfectly fulfill TIVIT’s needs in the automation area.
The TIVIT video is available here.

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