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Control-M for Advanced File Transfer

Turn your job scheduler into an

SFTP scheduling engine

There are lots of Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions to choose from. But many are costly and tough to implement. Integrate SFTP into your scheduled workloads—and manage it all from one interface—with BMC Control-M for Advanced File Transfer.

Experience more secure, reliable FTP

If you’re already using BMC Control-M workload automation, you know how easy it is to schedule, monitor, and manage your batch jobs. What if you could experience that same visibility and control with your file transfers?

With BMC Control-M for Advanced File Transfer, you can. By incorporating FTP and SFTP into your scheduled workloads, this software lets you monitor and manage your file transfers from the same interface as your batch jobs.


BMC Control-M for Advanced File Transfer also aligns your FTP with your business services—and SLAs. You’ll have the power to:

  • Schedule secured file transfers between applications and platforms—within and outside of your organization—with encryption and authentication
  • Monitor file transfer statistics in real time, such as status, file size, transfer rate, and estimated remaining time
  • Automatically recover and restart failed file transfers from the point of failure, or from the beginning

Forget expensive, proprietary MFT software. Simplify and streamline your SFTP with BMC Control-M for Advanced File Transfer.

Unify your entire job scheduling process

File transfers are vital to batch workloads. So monitoring and managing the two separately is not only more expensive and time consuming, but also puts you at risk for delays, errors, and failures that can seriously damage your business’s revenues—and reputation.

That’s why it’s essential to have a workload automation solution that manages batch processing from start to finish, including the necessary file transfers that occur along the way. Here, we share the six characteristics you should look for.

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