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ProactiveNet IT Performance Management

Shift from reactive to proactive IT performance management

Proactively detect and automatically resolve IT performance issues and sub-optimal configurations before users and services are negatively impacted.

This single integrated solution combines event management, service impact management, and performance management for physical, virtual, public and private cloud:

  • Simplifies the administration of your performance management toolset – across physical, virtual, public and private cloud environments
  • Unifies performance management for your entire IT environment – both on and off-premises resources
  • Applies real-time behavior learning to proactively alert on infrastructure, application, business-service, and end-user issues
  • Automates the prioritization of events based on business service impact
  • Provides automated, high-precision root cause analytics across infrastructure, users, applications, and services; factoring in learned abnormalities, configuration changes, and predictive capacity alerts

With BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management, you will:

  • Reduce administration time by up to 50% - freeing up staff for IT innovation
  • Gain real-time visibility and insight into the health of your data center and cloud services
  • Proactively detect and avoid performance slowdowns and sub-optimal configurations, before end-users and services are negatively impacted
  • Improve MTTR by quickly identifying the cause, business priority and resolution of business impacting IT incidents (faster than other tools)
  • Increase efficiency by automating (manual/repetitive) triage and remediation workflows and actions
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VMWare Ready Optimized
Certified for Windows Server 2008 R2




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