BMC Event Management System Adapter for z/OS

Align your mainframe monitoring and management tasks with enterprise-wide business goals

Quickly link mainframe operations to enterprise-wide event and impact management with bi-directional integration between BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management and your z/OS environment

This product:

  • Links mainframe operations to event and service impact management solutions
  • Filters, classifies, and enhances events before sending them to BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
  • Captures and transmits any WTO-based message traffic generated from the mainframe
  • Receives requests from enterprise operations environments and processes them by any on-board mainframe automation solution 
  • Enriches the value of events by consuming  all relevant message traffic

With BMC Event Management System Adapter for z/OS, you will:

  • Exceed service level commitments by focusing on what’s really important to the business
  • Reduce service outages by solving issues before service levels are impacted
  • Improve mean time to resolution (MTTR) by automatically detecting and resolving problems  


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