BMC Control-D for z/OS

Business Challenge

As companies generate millions of lines of output daily, converting these report lines into useful, easy to view information is one of business’ most critical challenges. Rising volumes from multiple platforms and sources increase the difficulty factor to effectively monitor, track and analyze all stages of output report processing, distribution, viewing and archival. Privacy, compliance and retention requirements exacerbate the problem and significantly escalate the management costs.

Business Need

  • Ensure timely and accurate management of business critical reports
  • Enforce report distribution, access, retention and disposal policies
  • Enable users to gain function related views of their reports
  • Make report source transparent to end users
  • Reduce report management costs

Our Solution

BMC Control-D for z/OS automates every aspect of report life cycle management from creation through archival and eventual disposal, ensuring reports are efficiently broken down by the user, distributed automatically, viewed online from a web browser, archived to offline storage, and retrieved from archives. BMC Control-D for z/OS inherent productivity features reduce processing overheads, hardware storage costs, personnel costs, distribution errors and report production and retention costs. BMC Control-D for z/OS ensures businesses gain control of their reports and leverage them to respond to today’s dynamic business needs.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Intercepts and automatically handles reports from mainframe and distributed platforms
  • Stores reports in a compressed and indexed format to ensure quick retrieval and efficient viewing
  • Distributes hard or soft copy reports accurately and efficiently
  • Aligns report life cycle handling with business and regulatory requirements
  • Improves customer relationship management by ensuring call center and clients can view reports in the exact same format
  • Reduces the need and cost of printing and managing hard copies