Application Deployment & Release Automation

Part of the BMC Application Management Suite

Dramatically improve the quality, speed, and reliability of your application releases

Rapidly and confidently deploy applications without errors to improve business responsiveness.

This product provides:

  • Automated application release management processes and cross-platform packaging that hide the complexity of deploying Java EE, .Net, and other applications
  • Parameterized application templates to ensure consistent deployments across release environments (development, QA, staging, and production)
  • Snapshots that capture configuration state (plus snapshot comparison) to detect changes over time or differences between environments
  • Surgical remediation of changes to prevent configuration drift or enforce compliance with policies
  • Change preview and rollback to ensure configuration integrity
  • Reporting for change tracking and auditing

With this product, you will:

  • Reduce application downtime by preventing configuration errors and accelerating troubleshooting
  • Lower costs by eliminating labor-intensive, manual, and script-based deployment processes for even the most complex, multi-tiered applications
  • Speed deployments by shortening release cycles from weeks to hours to better support the business
  • Improve auditing and governance by detecting and remediating changes and demonstrating effective policy enforcement
  • Align release teams by improving communications between development, QA, and operations, ensuring worry-free deployments
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