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Mainframe System Management with MainView

Mainframe System Management with MainView

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Manage your mainframe performance proactively

To keep your business running smoothly, you need mainframe management that does more than just monitor and display. BMC MainView gives you the power to diagnose problems, minimize risk, and cut costs.

  • Lower costs with more efficient monitoring.
  • Find and fix problems early to prevent costly outages and slowdowns.
  • Improve availability and productivity by automating and simplifying performance tasks.
  • Streamline application performance tuning using BMC's seamless integration with Compuware Strobe.

Video: Simplify and transform your systems management with MainView

91% of customer-facing apps will require mainframes to complete their transactions. Make sure your mainframe is ready. (2:43)

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A mainframe management solution that does it all

MainView makes system management easy with proactive monitoring, automated problem solving, and storage solutions.

Real-time and historical monitoring

Find and fix problems before outages occur by identifying patterns.

Single point of monitoring

Improve Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) with fast diagnosis of problems.

Automatic threshold determination

Improve alarm and alert effectiveness with automated notifications of issues.

Shared data collections

Save CPU cycles using shared resources.

Smart Loop Check

Reduce mainframe costs and slash wasteful resource consumption with automated monitoring.

Offload CPU resources

Gain efficiency by offloading up to 70% of CPU resources to zIIPs.

Track transactions across systems and subsystems

Identify the cause of an issue quickly and easily.

Single console

Replace cluttered consoles for zEnterprise® with a single interface.

Deep analytical application performance tuning

BMC MainView and Compuware Strobe work together seamlessly to reduce costs and pinpoint application inefficiencies.

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“By being able to proactively monitor our mainframe systems and react to potential issues [with MainView], our organization has been able to provide superior support to our clients.”

— Bob Hadden, IT Specialist, Fiserv, Inc.
TechValidate Case Study: Fiserv, Inc.
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Mainframe performance monitoring and automation for every environment

Get proactive about managing your mainframe, no matter what type of environment you’re running. MainView comes in a variety of options—you’re bound to find one or more that fit.

MainView Automation ›

MainView Automation helps you master your mainframe automation processes and provides consolidated console management across your mainframe environment.

MainView for Java Environments ›

MainView for Java Environments provides insight into how Java is consuming resources and affecting application performance and availability.

MainView for IMS Management ›

Simplify the management and maintenance of your IBM Information Management System (IMS) environment—no matter how complex—with MainView for IMS Management.

MainView for DB2 Management ›

MainView for DB2 Management offers consolidated controls for optimizing performance across your DB2 environment.

MainView for CICS Management ›

MainView for CICS Management provides a powerful, centralized point of control from which you can maximize the efficiency of your Customer Information Control System (CICS) subsystems.

MainView Monitoring ›

Optimize your z/OS and z/OS Unix mainframe environment with the help of the monitoring and configuration tools in MainView Monitoring.

MainView Message Management ›

Keep your IBM MQ environment healthy with the monitoring and automation power of MainView Message Management.

MainView Mainframe Storage Resource Management ›

Optimize the performance of your enterprise storage resources with the solutions in BMC’s MainView Mainframe Storage Resource Management product line.

MainView Batch Optimizer ›

MainView Batch Optimizer is the only solution that optimizes batch workloads without the need for costly and time consuming manual changes to jobs or Job Control Language (JCL).

MainView for Networks ›

Minimize the risk of connectivity problems in your mainframe network with MainView for Networks.

Reduce your MLC costs with MainView Cost Optimization

Looking to super-charge your MLC cost savings? BMC MainView Cost Optimization provides an integrated solution that combines the power of Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise and Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise. Visit the product pages below for more information.

Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise®

BMC Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise is an easy-to-use solution for reducing IBM® Monthly License Charge (MLC) costs by anywhere from 5% to more than 20%, through insightful reporting and predictive planning.

Intelligent Capping (iCap) for zEnterprise®

BMC Intelligent Capping (iCap) for zEnterprise dynamically automates and optimizes defined capacity settings to lower MLC.

"BMC MainView enables us to monitor and rapidly resolve mainframe performance issues."

— TechValidate research survey response
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