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IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)

What is IT Operations Analytics?

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) automates the process of collecting, organizing, and identifying patterns in highly distributed, diverse and fast-changing service and application data to identify problems faster and improve IT system performance.

The modern digital business revolution infuses technology in every step of an organization’s value chain. This unprecedented use of technology creates a complex challenge for IT Infrastructure and Operations organizations, as it becomes difficult to collect and organize the explosion of data generated by new digital business systems and sources.

IT Operations Analytics gives IT Operations Management (ITOM) teams the right information, at the right time. It allows them to quickly focus their efforts, reduce the time it takes to solve problems, proactively identify issues and optimize system and application performance to support business needs.

Fast, data-driven action with ITOA

In today’s digital business, data is the currency that guides and drives all decisions and actions. Breaking down IT information silos and automatically organizing multi-structured data from diverse, dynamic sources, ITOA software solutions transform disconnected data points, which lack meaning, into actionable information.

IT Operations Analytics should be applied to the modern IT Infrastructure and Operations environment to:

  • Troubleshoot and anticipate problems in the application and service infrastructure through analytics integrated with existing IT Operations Management tools and practices
  • Optimize overall IT service performance and guide business decisions through a single analytics platform that contextualizes data from distributed systems through the business

Troubleshooting and problem identification

TrueSight IT Data Analytics allows you to proactively identify and detect troublesome patterns on an ongoing basis and create alerts and reports to take action before your users are affected. With TrueSight's integrated IT analytics software you'll get better IT insight – right out of the box.

  • Collect, index, and monitor logs and events for abnormalities
  • Perform ad-hoc searches of all log data across the entire IT environment from a single console
  • Correlate log data with events and service models, or application groups

As a result, empowered ITOM teams can:

  • Detect, prioritize, diagnose, and resolve service issues more quickly than ever before
  • Save successful prior resolutions and automate notifications for the fast resolution of common issues
  • Integrate event management, and log and machine data analytics for a holistic view of the entire data center
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Comprehensive system and IT-dependent service optimization

A single, architected platform for IT Operations Analytics transforms of the high volume of IT, technical and service data generated by the digital business into real-time, meaningful, actionable insights that fuel fast, business-aligned decisions for IT. To optimize systems and IT-dependent services, your analytics platform should:

  • Provide a holistic, visual perspective of the service including global service health, business demand, cost, utilization, market perception and sentiment, and financial performance
  • Collect and correlate data from multiple disparate business and technical sources including infrastructure availability, system logs, user activity/volume levels, application performance, incident/ticket activity, and customer order status.
  • Learn service behavior, identify relevant abnormalities, predict performance degradation and issue proactive alerts to prevent service disruption
  • Support what-if analysis and if-then data modeling
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“In general, the vendor [BMC Software] shines above most of its competitors in realizing the need to combine complex, integrated functionality with ease of deployment and administration.”

— Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates
Migrating to BMC TrueSight – A Holistic Answer to Application Service Delivery

Get a complete, end-to-end ITOA solution

TrueSight Operations Management

BMC TrueSight Operations Management monitors complex IT environments and analyzes diverse data to deliver actionable IT insight that helps you solve business problems.

TrueSight IT Data Analytics

BMC TrueSight IT Data Analytics, a key component of TrueSight Operations Management, automatically collects and correlates machine/log data in real time to proactively identify problems and prevent them from recurring.

TrueSight App Visibility Manager

BMC TrueSight App Visibility Manager is a complete application performance management solution. No matter where your applications are hosted, get real-time, end-to-end visibility from an end user transaction to a single line of code.

TrueSight Infrastructure Management

BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management incorporates network, infrastructure and data change information and service modeling to offer the earliest, most accurate detection, diagnosis, prioritization, and resolution of service impacts in the industry today.

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