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Atrium Discovery (268.98)

BMC Atrium Discovery

APM as a Service and Akamai Cloud Monitor (12:26) (Video)

Watch BMC and Akamai introduce BMC's Application Performance Management as a Service solution. See how BMC End User Experience Management (EUEM) connects to Akamai for deep-dive integration that delivers unique end user experience monitoring and analytics.

Application Integration with BMC Control-M: Watch a 2 minute intro (01:54) (Video)


Control-M Workload Change Manager: Video Explainer (01:22) (Video)

BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager enables application developers and IT operations staff to automate and collaborate on the development and implementation of application workflows, accelerating the delivery of business services. With an interface that enforces site standards, tracks changes, and facilitates communication between teams, the work effort is reduced by up to 80%, providing a scalable solution that supports rapid change. See how in this quick 2 minute video.

Control-M Application Integrator Demo (331.721)

Control-M Application Integrator is a workload automation design tool that integrates application processes with Control-M so business services are quickly and reliably delivered to customers. Watch this demo to learn more.

Control-M Application Integrator: 2 Minute Explainer (87.16)

Control-M Application Integrator is a workload automation design tool that integrates application processes with Control-M so business services are quickly and reliably delivered to customers. Watch this 2-minute video overview to learn more.

Capacity Optimization (08:40) (Video)

Automatically analyze, forecast, and optimize performance and capacity across all resources (IT and business) and environments — physical, virtual, and cloud.

Control-M for Advanced File Transfer simplifies your SFTP (07:44) (Video)

SFTP doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Incorporate file transfers into your workload automation with BMC Control-M for Advanced File Transfer. Watch the demo to see how you can transfer files within and outside your organization, align FTP with SLAs, and seamlessly manage it all from a single point of control.

Control-M for Backups Demo (Video)

Integrate your backup processes with enterprise workload automation and get the visibility and control you need for protecting your data by ensuring backups are done successfully – and on time.

Control-M Workload Change Manager - Notes Demo (Video)

See how Workload Change Manager Notes can make the back and forth nature of new job creation as simple and efficient as possible.

Control-M Workload Change Manager - Overview Demo (Video)

Learn how Workload Change Manager can help you develop and deploy applications faster and improve your service delivery.

Control-M Workload Change Manager - Site Customizations Demo (Video)

See how Workload Change Manager Site Customizations can help take the noise and confusion out of the job creation process.

Control-M Workload Change Manager - Site Standards Demo (Video)

See how Workload Change Manager Site Standards can help you to easily create jobs that conform to your site standards.

Control-M: Batch Impact Manager (02:26) (Video)


Control-M: Batch Impact Manager Tour (06:18) (Video)

View this demo to see how BMC Batch Impact Manager, an add-on for BMC Control-M, helps you avoid costly outages and slowdowns and meet SLAs by managing your job scheduling from a critical business service perspective.

CLM 4 - Admin (Video)

CLM 4 - Admin

CLM 4.0 User Test Drive Demo (Video)

CLM 4.0 User Test Drive Demo

Cloud Operations Management Demonstration (155.798) (Video)

BMC Cloud Operations Management

Cloud Ops for VMware Demo (Video, Interactive)

See a potential problem with your shared cloud resources, prioritize the issue based on the impacted cloud services and tenants, isolate the root cause, and trigger an automated workflow to repair the issue — before end-users are impacted.

Configuring Asset Discovery (Video)

This video covers how to setup Track-It! Asset Discovery to scan a Domain or IP range to detect and capture information about IP connected Assets and Computers on the network.

Configuring Directory Importer (Video)

This tutorial covers how to setup Track-It! Directory Importer to import users from Active Directory into Track-It!

Configuring Inbound Email Monitor (Video)

This tutorial covers how to setup Track-It! Email Monitor to accept inbound emails from users in order to automatically generate Work Orders in the Help Desk or update existing work orders.

Configuring Outbound Email settings (Video)

This video demonstrates how to configure the outbound email settings. This must be in place to allow Track-It! to send updates about new work orders, updates to work orders, critical system events or informational messages via email.

Control-M for Hadoop: Create Hadoop Jobs and Workflows (Video)

Watch this demo to see how easy it is to create jobs and workflows for your Hadoop applications using Control-M’s drag and drop interface. There is no longer the need to write scripts – automate! Explore BMC's complete guide to Hadoop.

Control-M for Hadoop: Manage Hadoop and Enterprise Workflows (Video)

See how easy it is to manage your Hadoop batch processing and connected workflows. Get alerted of potential problems, maintain control over service delivery and retain logs and history.

Control-M for Hadoop: Monitor Hadoop Application Processing (Video)

See how you can monitor the state and status of your Hadoop application jobs and workflows – so you always know how your application processing is working. Whether it be testing, QA, or production processing – you can easily monitor your Hadoop application workflows. Explore BMC's introduction to Hadoop basics.

Control-M Self Service: Introduction (06:08) (Video)

This BMC Control-M Self Service full-featured, interactive demo will allow you to experience the power of Self Service for Workload Automation. See how simple it is to empower business users, while also delivering unprecedented service levels.

Control-M: Automated, Simple Discovery and Conversion (02:36) (Video)

Watch this short demo to see how the Control-M Conversion Tool helps you easily discover Cron and Windows Task Scheduler jobs and convert them to Control-M.

Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise: Watch a 2 minute intro (01:40) (Video)

BMC Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise combines insightful, graphical reporting on MLC charges with predictive “what-if” analysis capabilities to enable IT to actively manage and reduce their monthly MLC charges by up to 20% or more. See how in this quick 2 minute video.

Donnez le pouvoir aux utilisateurs fonctionnels grâce a BMC Control-M Self Service (57:39) (Video)

Venez découvrir dès maintenant l'audiocast avec Frédéric Le Saux, Senior SW chez BMC Software, simplement en remplissant ce formulaire ci-dessous.

End User Experience Management and Akamai Cloud Monitor Demo (20:02) (Video)

See BMC End User Experience Management as a Service and Akamai Cloud Monitor in action. This demo covers several use cases and provides an insider's look at EUEM.

Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise: 2 minute intro (110.783) (Video)

BMC Intelligent Capping (iCap) for zEnterprise dynamically automates and optimizes defined capacity settings to lower your monthly license charges by an estimated 2%-5% or more, while mitigating risk to your business.

MainView Console Automation (8:02) (Video)

Manage z/OS Environment from a Single Console

MainView SecureHMC - Managing the HMC (05:05) (Video)

This demo describes how you can manage the Hardware Management Console by using BMC MainView SecureHMC.

MainView System Management and Automation (02:23) (Video)


MainView Threshold Advisor: See how it works (Video)

Take the guesswork out of monitoring your mainframe systems. Threshold Advisor, part of BMC MainView, is a new mainframe analytics solution that helps you proactively identify real systems exceptions so you can move from managing by observation to managing by automation. Watch the video to see how it works.

MainView Threshold Management (02:33) (Video)


MainView zIIP offload (02:25) (Video)


Middleware Management (Video)

See how BMC Middleware Management ensures application performance and business service delivery through automated management of middleware performance, administration, and transactions across the enterprise hybrid data center. Through a single management console, it shows the status and details of your middleware infrastructure; improves productivity; and reduces time-to-resolution during root cause analysis.

Remedy IT Service Management: Creating a Contract (02:10) (Video)

This video shows how to create a contract in the BMC Remedy Asset Configuration Management application to manage your relationship with a vendor.  This application enables you to link configuration items, or CIs, to contracts for leases, maintenance, support, warranties, and more.

Remedy IT Service Management: Managing Assets Using the Asset Console (02:59) (Video)

This video shows you how to use the Asset Console in the BMC Remedy Asset Configuration Management application to view and update information about your hardware and software CIs and related items such as licenses and contracts.

Remedy IT Service Management: Submitting a Procurement Request (02:36) (Video)

This video shows how to submit a procurement request by using a purchase requisition in the BMC Remedy Asset Configuration Management application.  The application’s purchasing functionality enables you to quickly and easily request items from suppliers and from existing inventory, and its integration with BMC Remedy Change Management automates the process for installing purchased items.

Remedy 8 Feature Tour (Video)

Watch this overview video to learn more about the unique features and capabilities of Remedy 8.

Subsystem Optimizer for zEnterprise: 2 minute intro (101.752) (Video)

BMC Subsystem Optimizer for zEnterprise provides data access and communication across LPARs, making it possible for the first time to efficiently redirect workloads among DB2, IMS, and CICS instances. You can reduce IBM monthly license charge (MLC) spend by as much as 20% or more by consolidating and reducing the number of subsystems required to run workloads.

Setting up Help Desk Skill Routing Policies (Video)

In this video, we explain how to setup and configure Help Desk Skill Routing policies to automatically assign technicians, types, priorities or due dates to new work orders based on user defined matching criteria.

Setting up Help Desk Work Order Priorities (Video)

This short tutorial explains the best way to set up the Priorities in a new Help Desk.

Setting up Help Desk Work Order Types (Video)

This video tutorial demonstrates setting up Work Order Types for classifying Work Orders for the Help Desk.

Setup for Track-It! Audit (Video)

This tutorial covers how to setup Track-It! Audit to perform manual audits, audits on demand and scheduled audits based on a specified frequency.