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Data Center Automation & Data Center Management

Server automation

Run policy-based automation for closed-loop compliance.

Network automation

Improve responsiveness with real-time change visibility and configuration.

Workload automation


Manage workloads from a single point of control.



Learn, resolve, and control: 3 paths to an automated data center

A unified data center requires end-to-end management over the data, applications, and processes that run it. Islands of automation don't count. That's why BMC data center automation, data center management, and integrated workload automation cover all the bases, including:

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management: Service Blueprints

  • Learning how configurations compare to each other, how to automate repetitive tasks, and what your IT looks like in real time
  • Resolving issues by simplifying scheduling, auditing regularly, identifying drift, and remediating discrepancies automatically
  • Controlling your environment with unified workloads, automated change requests, consistent policies, and streamlined documentation

Workload automation for today's data center

Automate workloads across all platforms, applications, and in the cloud with BMC Control-M.

The DevOps connection

Want to release applications faster and with fewer errors? You need DevOps.

Check out our DevOps community portal for videos, blogs, and thought leadership from across the industry.

From chaos to automation...

Data Center PDF Whitepaper

What are the requirements for an integrated approach to data center automation?


... and automation to cloud

Cloud Automation Article

Build the foundation for cloud with a data center management strategy that takes the long-term view. 


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