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BladeLogic Middleware Automation

BladeLogic Middleware Automation

Manage your J2EE environment without scripting

An integral part of BMC’s Automation Passport and Intelligent Compliance strategy, BMC BladeLogic Middleware Automation 8 easily deploys, configures, and troubleshoots Java EE applications without manual steps.

  • Deliver faster service with fewer outages.
  • Reduce application release cycles.
  • Eliminate configuration scripts and manual processes.

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A model-based configuration management solution

Easily deploy, backup, and compare Java middleware server configuration for faster service delivery and fewer application outages.

Server installation management

Configure and manage large Java installations like WebLogic and WebSphere.

Single-user master control

Control all Java-based servers from a single administrator.

Task automation

Take care of repetitive and mundane tasks without depending on experts.

Auditing and compliance reporting

Detect configuration drift and quickly remediate non-compliant servers.

Application server migration

Automate the migration of IBM® WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic from old to new versions.

IBM WebSphere Portal support

Help WebSphere customers deploy, manage, and configure their portal.

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  • Improve productivity by eliminating deployment script maintenance and release process documentation.
  • Reduce installation and configuration risk by eliminating manual processes.
  • Log and capture all changes in detailed reports.
  • Establish standard configurations and regularly compare production servers against the standard.
  • Eliminate incremental scripts or "hot fixes."
  • Simplify troubleshooting of configuration-related problems.

“With BMC BladeLogic, the deployment is done the same way every time, no matter who’s doing the release. That consistency eliminates the errors that can cause service disruptions.”

— Geoff Nelson, Senior Manager, Release and Problem Management, Concur
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