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Database Automation and Database Management

Provision, patch, and manage multi-vendor

databases with ease

No more manual processes and time-consuming bottlenecks. With BladeLogic Database Automation, you'll increase efficiency, decrease costs, and keep even your most complex databases running without a hitch.

Say goodbye to manual admin tasks

Databases are complex, and so are the people who run them. So why do most DBAs spend 85% of their time on manual administration? Break up the bottleneck with BladeLogic Database Automation. With industry-leading configuration management capabilities, BladeLogic Database Automation helps you provision, deploy, and maintain your infrastructure with unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and ease.

Key capabilities include:

  • Role-based access control
  • Automated discovery of database configurations
  • Automated deployment, including complex configurations and dependencies
  • Automated upgrades and patching for standalone and clustered databases
  • Rolling patch deployments to minimize downtime and business disruptions
  • Ability to deploy and rollback change across multplie databases and database clusters

Lower costs. Fewer failures. Better service.

BladeLogic Database Automation adds value across your IT infrastructure by automating the provisioning, patching, upgrading, and maintenance of database platforms. These capabilities translate to several key business benefits:

  • Reduce IT costs through more efficient use of resources and infrastructure
  • Improve quality of service with streamlined configuration and management
  • Improve application rollout with standardized provisioning and a single, cross-database management tool
  • Maintain compliance via policy-driven standards and configuration consistency
  • Enable cloud-based applications by supporting applications deployed in hybrid data centers

Learn more about BladeLogic Database Automation: Read the datasheet

From automation to cloud

Build the foundation for cloud with a data center management strategy that takes the long-term view.

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Key Products


BladeLogic Server Automation Automates the management, control, and enforcement of server configuration changes
BladeLogic Database Automation Automates the management, control, and enforcement of database configuration changes
BladeLogic Network Automation Automates the management, control, and enforcement of network configuration changes
BladeLogic Middleware Automation Provides Java middleware automation management, compliance, and tracking
Cloud Lifecycle Management Automates the management, control, and enforcement of cloud based assets