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Application Performance Management

See your applications through your users' eyes

Get real-time, real-user application monitoring

Pinpoint your users' issues before a ticket is opened to lower costs, improve service, and better understand your users' needs and your applications' performance.

Find root causes with less time, money, and effort

Analyze your apps from back end to browser

Solve business-impacting application performance issues faster with deep-dive, always-on application diagnostics. 


Applications are complex. Managing them shouldn't be.

If your business depends on applications for revenue and reputation, it also depends on IT to keep them performing at their best. But it's not easy. You need to know what your users are experiencing, yet increasingly complex infrastructure and consumption make visibility next to impossible.

Not anymore. With Application Performance Management (APM) from BMC, you control your apps from the end user to the code.

This integrated solution includes:

  • BMC End User Experience Management (EUEM) to provide real-time, real-user application performance monitoring to detect and analyze user experience issues.
  • BMC Application Diagnostics to deliver deep-dive analytics, robust reporting, and proactive problem-solving.
  • Akamai EdgeConnect for EUEM to offer Akamai customers unprecedented monitoring and measurement.

Read the white paper:
Why Your Applications Need Behavior Learning Therapy


Flexible deployment. Comprehensive, user-centric coverage.

BMC Application Performance Management is also the industry's first solution that's available hosted as a service, on premises, or in a hybrid model, combining the simplicity of SaaS with the power of enterprise-quality APM.

No matter how big your company or how complex your applications, you'll gain the data and visibility you need to keep users happy and applications healthy.

With Application Performance Management from BMC, you will:

  • Increase revenue. Solve application issues before they impact the business.
  • Improve user satisfaction. Enforce SLAs, speed issue resolution, and increase productivity.
  • Mitigate risk. Validate application releases and changes.
  • Gain competitive advantage. Enable application virtualization and mobility.
  • Lower costs. Choose a deployment model that works best for your budget.

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Application Performance Management for Application Operations


Introducing APM as a Service

We're proud to announce the industry's first application performance management solution that's available both on premises and on demand.

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Realize fast time to value with IT management in the cloud

BMC Delivers User-Aware APM

BMC is distinctive in stepping up to a truly consumer-centric APM solution with a clear eye to usability and value, at a time when many of its competitors are struggling just to get ahead of their own complexity. 

Read the report to see how a healthcare service provider finds and fixes user issues faster than ever.  

Customer case study:
Harmony Information Systems

 See how a SaaS business monitors its apps, meets SLAs, and solves issues proactively before they impact users.

White paper: Delivering top application performance

Guarantee consistent service levels and top application performance by focusing on the end user experience.

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