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IT Security and Operations Survey
The Game Plan for Closing the SecOps Gap

From BMC and Forbes Insights

Security breaches are reaching epidemic proportions. BMC and Forbes Insights conducted a security survey among more than 300 C-level executives around the globe and found that known vulnerabilities are the leading cause of exposure to data breaches. The report also unmasks a significant gap between the activities of security and IT operations teams, termed the “SecOps gap,” which can lead to unnecessary data loss, production downtime, and reputation damage.

SecOps is a practice that improves collaboration while streamlining and automating processes. Build your game plan to close the SecOps gap. Register to download the survey results and develop your plan to fight back.

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SecOps Survey

Key Survey Results

of breaches occur even when remediation plans have been identified
report that poor coordination leads to excessive labor costs
equate regulatory compliance with tighter security
in North America expect to purchase/implement SecOps solutions this year

Hear from our strategic partners about the report

"In light of increasingly sophisticated threats, it is time to rethink the traditional, departmentalized, siloed approach to security. “CIOs must hold both security and IT operations groups accountable for identifying and fixing issues quickly and integrate security and IT operations activities to further protect their organizations."

Christian A. Christiansen
Program Vice President, Security Products and Services, IDC

"Given the number of information security vulnerabilities that exist in the world today, security and IT operations can benefit tremendously from tighter collaboration and more efficient workflow. Closing the SecOps gap and implementing an integrated approach to automate information security processes greatly improved data security at Morningstar."

Michael Allen
Chief Information Security Officer, Morningstar, Inc.

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