Industry Analyst Reports


22 OCT 2014
Quick Take: BMC Software – A New Company With A Well-Known Name
BMC held its global users’ conference at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Florida, during the week of October 13, 2014. This was BMC’s first global users’ conference in seven years, and it attracted close to 1,000 clients, partners, and industry analysts. During the general session, BMC introduced its new branding, new general messaging, and a renewed focus on customer experience and success. The event was BMC’s message to its customers, partners, and analysts that it’s back.

14 OCT 2014
BMC Engage: Defending IT in an Increasingly Digitized Cloud World
Enderle Group
BMC is undergoing a transformation that, to a certain extent, mirrors the transformation that IT itself is undergoing. It is shifting from being a firm that was largely known for providing management services on mainframes to a firm that is enabling ever more socially engaged services across a variety of platforms, the cloud, and for users that are increasingly on a new class of mobile devices.

25 AUG 2014
Magic Quadrant for IT Service Support Management Tools
To better support the business, I&O managers often turn to IT service support management (ITSSM) tools. ITSSM tools enable IT operations organizations, specifically infrastructure and operations (I&O) managers, to better support the production environment. ITSSM tools automate the tasks and workflows associated with the management and delivery of quality IT services to the business. The vendors in this Magic Quadrant offer integrated products that address functionality from a combined perspective of people, processes and tooling. BMC was rated as a leader by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant.

12 AUG 2014
Critical Capabilities for IT Service Support Management Tools, 2014
IT service support management (ITSSM) tools are top of mind among infrastructure and operations leaders looking to manage IT services and foster better relationships with the business. This evaluation of ITSSM tools' critical capabilities in five use cases will help IT leaders assess suitable products.

07 JUL 2014
How to Decide Between BMC and ServiceNow for ITSSM and Beyond
Gartner clients often ask for a comparison of BMC and ServiceNow as viable strategic partners in the ITSSM tool space. Both vendors provide strong ITSSM offerings and benefit from excellent global brand recognition, but the similarities end there. Outside of ITSSM, BMC and ServiceNow are two different companies with two different strategic road maps. Choosing between BMC and ServiceNow requires IT organizations to determine how value will be gained beyond the use of their ITSSM offerings.

01 JUL 2014
Ptak Associates
As IT infrastructures increase in scale, IT management systems must also scale and adapt to keep up with the expansion. IT Operations require fresh, accurate data to optimize their effectiveness, decisions and efforts in these increasingly dynamic environments. However, many IT staffs have had to make tradeoffs in the frequency of collecting its discovery data for the sake of balancing the enterprises’ needs of resources, costs and time. The latest release of BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM), version 10, is delivering capabilities to help IT address these challenges.

16 JUN 2014
Critical Capabilities for Configuration Management Database
In this report Gartner evaluates the CMDB capabilities specific to building and maintaining an accurate and current view of applications or IT services through manual modeling or autodiscovery. Read to find out why BMC Atrium CMDB receives the highest scores among rated solutions across all five evaluated use cases.

07 APR 2014
BMC streamlines job management to address the devops need for speed
451 Research
BMC's Control-M batch job manager is one of the leading enterprise job managers in the industry. It is widely used by enterprises to schedule, run and orchestrate the regular computational processes needed to operate the business. After adding support for Hadoop in 2013, Control-M is continuing to modernize with the addition of Workload Change Manager, which aims to make creating and verifying batch jobs and workflows easier for developers. The goal, of course, is to help enterprises to speed up their cycle times, delivering software to production more frequently.

05 APR 2014
BMC Control-M Workload Change Manager Automation delivers major savings in time and effort
Ptak Associates
BMC adds automated change and request management to workload batch processing with its Control-M Workload Change Manager. The intent is to resolve the inefficiencies and delays, primarily caused by errors in the change request paper work that is part of the manual process that most business have in place today. They found that 66% of job flow changes are directly related to application changes. To deal effectively with the challenges driven by the today’s Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) megatrends, IT must be able to develop and run operations more efficiently.

18 FEB 2014
BMC Reimagines IT: New IT, Mobile, Social and Apple-Like
Enderle Group
One of the interesting things I observed over the last decade was how much better Apple support seemed to be from the standpoint of the user, compared to the kind of support most Windows users got. This had little to do with Microsoft or Apple and everything to do with how most of the IT shops I followed dealt with Apple users before BYOD became a craze. BMC has apparently taken the core concepts from this Apple support model and updated them with current thinking and technology to give everyone, even Apple users, a better IT experience. BMC is calling this new IT. I'm calling it revolutionary.

16 JAN 2014
ITOM Vendor Evolution Drives New Approaches to Vendor Selection and New Vendor Possibilities
I&O leaders and data center managers have seen traditional management vendors as key partners for ITOM tooling, with a focus on heterogeneous support. Infrastructure vendors are also broadening their focus to include management solutions, but with a "stack" focus. Which approach is right for you?

29 NOV 2013
Vendor Landscape: IT Asset Management (Enterprise)
Info-Tech Research Group
Info-Tech evaluated seven leading vendor solutions in the Enterprise IT Asset Management market, including BMC Remedy ITAM. This Vendor Landscape report is intended for enterprise-sized organizations needing to manage and control costs of their IT assets.

19 NOV 2013
Vendor Landscape: IT Asset Management (Mid-Market)
Info-Tech Research Group
Info-Tech evaluated seven leading vendor solutions in the mid-market IT Asset Management market, including BMC Client Management. This Vendor Landscape report is intended for mid-market organizations needing to manage and control costs of their IT assets.

18 NOV 2013
BMC Software Evaluation for Selecting a Cloud Management Solution
This report provides a side-by-side comparison of leading virtualization and cloud management solutions, looking at IT modernization from a data center infrastructure perspective, with the findings delivered as the Ovum Decision Matrix (ODM). It considers the significance of management in the virtualization and cloud environments and how this aspect influences how technology is deployed, used, and controlled.

22 OCT 2013
Case Study: Realizing Efficiencies Through SaaS-based IT Service Management
SaaS-deployed IT service management (ITSM) technologies have continued to increase in popularity. While much consideration is often made to the initial cost efficiencies associated with SaaS solutions, this News UK case study outlines in detail the potential for SaaS to contribute to the improvement of other efficiencies, such as response times, first-line resolution rates, and customer satisfaction levels, to name only a few.

23 JUL 2013
BMC’s Quiet but Dramatic Moves to Simplify and Enhance User-Aware APM
BMC has taken the APM bull by the horns and, with surprisingly little fanfare, jumped to a leadership position in making APM consumable, cohesive and customer-relevant. This brief ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) report introduces some of BMC’s changes in customer context, with an APM deployment interviewed in July of 2013.

14 MAR 2013
EMA Radar™ for Private Cloud Platforms: Q1 2013
The BMC private and hybrid cloud solution consists of BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM, for service and infrastructure provisioning) and BMC Cloud Operations Management (Cloud Ops, for SLA and compliance driven cloud service management). Application performance monitoring capabilities are added by BMC’s ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite. The BMC cloud products are deeply anchored in datacenter and IT automation and are based on the entire portfolio of BMC’s IT management tools, such as Atrium, BladeLogic, and Remedy.

14 JAN 2013
IDC MarketScape: Worldwide IT Education and Training 2013 Vendor Analysis
This IDC study represents the vendor assessment model called IDC MarketScape. This research is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the characteristics that explain a vendor's success in the market. This study assesses key technology vendors participating in the information technology (IT) education market as a line of business (LOB) to support the sale of their technologies. As one would expect of market leaders, overall, these vendors performed very well on this assessment and continue to improve their offerings.

03 JAN 2013
BMC Consumerizes BSM with Its Richly Innovative MyIT Offering
While a great deal’s been written about the consumerization of IT, not much of clarity or value has yet surfaced from the attention. This is because the change from a back-office to a consumer-driven model for IT reflects a major cultural as well as technological transformation that in many organizations has not yet even begun. Moreover, industry pundits are still largely viewing it as a power shift, without real insights into values and opportunities that a substantively new approach in support of the consumerization of IT might achieve. In other words, the shift from a cost-driven, consumer-blind, back-office model to a value-driven, consumer-aware, front-office model in which a new language and context for exchanging IT-to-business and consumer values has emerged.

15 OCT 2012
Usability and Simplicity in Workload Automation: BMC Releases Control-M v8
Read why EMA’s Torsten Volk believes that “Control-M v8 constitutes a major version upgrade, demonstrating that BMC has understood that the next frontier in workload automation is making this former datacenter-only discipline much more available and accessible to business stakeholders,” achieving BMC’s aims of delivering “The Power of Simple.”

12 JUN 2012
2012 WLA Radar Report
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, and founded in 1980, BMC Software has posted a 2011 revenue of $2.1 billion, which is the thirdlargest in our field, behind IBM ($107 billion) and CA Technologies ($4.4 billion). BMC has developed from a vendor of mainframe management software in the 1980s, into a company known for its business service centric approach of managing distributed and mainframe environments. Control-M, BMC’s workload automation product, carries this business DNA, connecting IT resource management and optimization with the overarching business processes. Control-M became part of BMC’s portfolio through the acquisition of New Dimension Software for $673 million in 1999. In 2006, BMC released Batch Impact Manager, a predictive analytics driven tool that helps administrators diagnose critical path issues before they turn into business problems. To further advance IT resource optimization, BMC has recently focused on including virtualization and cloud computing solutions into its product portfolio as well as enabling business users with self service.

11 JUN 2012
ROI Case Study: Lumen21 and BMC Remedyforce
Nucleus Research
Lumen21, a technology managed services provider, faced rapidly increasing costs to manage and configure its on-premises incident tracking solution. It implemented BMC Remedyforce Service Desk based on to enable it to grow while avoiding incremental additional staff. ROI: 7148%; Payback: 1 week; Average annual benefit: $1,483,051.

26 MAR 2012
Supply chain management vendor JDA Software aims to stand out in the cloud
The 451 Group
When Joe King, senior vice president, cloud services, at supply chain management vendor JDA Software, learned that it could take weeks or months to set JDA's prospects up with proofs of concept of its software, he challenged his VP of operations, John Frazier, to find a better way. Luckily, Frazier had an answer to hand. Prior customer implementations had already ended up on Amazon's EC2. JDA implementation teams were conveying that customers wanted rapid deployment, but Frazier knew he also needed to provide business stability.

15 FEB 2012
EMA Radar™ for CMDB/CMS Use Cases: From Database to Federation Q1 2012
BMC’s core functionality for this radar targeted two solutions: BMC Atrium CMDB and Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) for application dependency mapping. At the time of this evaluation, the BMC Atrium CMDB was version 7.6.04 and ADDM was version 8.3. While it is my strong recommendation that this radar be approached for insights into design and packaging strengths and limitations—versus a footrace with a winner and a loser—if there were a single winner here, it would be BMC. BMC had the highest overall rankings as averaged across the three use cases, and a clear position of dominance in Change Management and Change Impact Analytics—the heartland of the CMDB/CMS.

02 DEC 2011
BMC Adds Competitive Muscle to End-User Experience
Ptak, Noel & Associates
BMC’s announcement of expanded analytics and functional capabilities in its Application Performance Management1 solution focused on faster problem resolution for root cause and impact analysis. These new capabilities and features definitely add more competitive muscle into BMC’s performance management suite.

28 NOV 2011
BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping: A Compelling Answer for Optimizing Application Services
When BMC acquired Tideway Systems in October of 2009, it took in an industry leader that already had proven integration with its Atrium CMDB. Since then, BMC has steadily invested in a wide range of enhancements that make its Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping (ADDM) yet more compelling and even more adaptable to real-world needs and processes culminating in ADDM 8.3. This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) impact brief highlights the introduction of Collaborative Application Mapping, as well as critical new capabilities that extend support for virtualized and private cloud environments, enhanced Web, Web 2.0 and middleware visibility, and superior cross-domain reach including mainframe, network and storage environments.

27 JUL 2011
BMC Launches Application Performance Management in BSM Context for Cloud and Hybrid Datacenter
BMC’s acquisition of ProactiveNet in May of 2007 was a brilliant move; however, it was followed by several years of relative quiet as the company sought to establish a more deeply organic approach to what it calls “Proactive Operations” than is the norm for the industry. This required solid integrations with BMC’s core Atrium architecture, including full support for service modeling, and reflexive analysis of change impact via BMC Atrium CMDB and BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping. It also required full support for model-driven automation from workflow, to active configuration and release management, to run book or IT Process Automation (ITPA).

18 JUL 2011
BMC Adds Policy Engine and Blueprints to Cloud Lifecycle Management
The 451 Group
In April, BMC Software released Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) 2.0, along with a portfolio of products to support cloud planning, operations and governance. New additions to CLM 2.0 include Service Blueprint (for architecture and design), Service Governor (for creating policy) and a resource management layer. If version 1.0 (available for a year) was targeted at the service-provider opportunity, BMC says version 2.0 (and its second year of activity) is focused more on enterprises.