1,300 mainframe users can't be wrong.
Get the facts from BMC's 6th Annual Mainframe Survey.

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For the 6th year running, BMC has surveyed 1,300 mainframe users worldwide. Why? So we can better understand the world of mainframe through the eyes of the people who use it every day.

This year's survey revealed many interesting facts, statistics, and trends. Of our global respondents:

  • 62% expect to grow the overall capacity of their mainframe – up from 56% last year
  • 93% at large companies expect capacity to grow or remain steady
  • 47% said new workloads and new business applications are contributing to their capacity growth
  • 60% believe that keeping costs down is the number one IT priority

That's just the beginning. Our respondents shared their thoughts on cross-enterprise support and the hybrid data center. They talked cloud, SaaS, and mobile, and whether these trends will impact the mainframe (the consensus: definitely.) And they helped us confirm that the mainframe is not only here to stay, but continues to grow in use and importance.

We learned a lot from our survey respondents. You can too.

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