BMC Certification and Accreditation Policy

Certification and Accreditation Examinations
BMC’s certifications and accreditations are tailored to validate knowledge and skills and are developed and administered to adhere to standard policies. Candidates are required to review the certification and accreditation policies and are responsible for adhering to examination rules and deadlines. 

Examination Scoring

BMC consistently adds and updates certification exams.  As questions vary from one exam to the next and from different versions of the same exam, the passing score is set independently for each exam version.  This is consistent with popular industry examination practices and ensures that a passing score accurately reflects the desired level of success.  For this reason BMC does not publish the passing score for each exam. Candidates should focus their preparation strategies around acquiring the knowledge and skills validated by each exam with the understanding that the number of exam questions, exam duration, and exam passing scores are subject to change without notice.

For more detail related to a specific certification examination, refer to the appropriate certification program.