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Discovery 11.x: Using New Features (WBT)

BMC Discovery, formerly ADDM, is a digital enterprise management solution that automates asset discovery and application dependency mapping to build a holistic view of all of your datacenter assets and the relationships between them.

This course provides an overview of the new features and enhancements in BMC Discovery 11.1.It introduces the users to the Start Anywhere Application Modeling (SAAM) feature. The course also explains clusters, credentials enhancements, infrastructure visualization, and CMDB resynchronization improvements. In addition, it describes integration with BMC Remedy Single Sign-On and the new user interface.

Major release:

Discovery (ADDM) 11.x

Good for:

Configuration Managers, Project Managers, Storage Managers

Course Delivery:

Self-Paced | 1.50 hour

Course Modules

  • New Features in BMC Discovery 11.1
    • Start Anywhere Application Modeling (SAAM)
    • Introducing New BMC Discovery Interface
    • Integration with BMC Remedy Single Sign-On
    • Credentials Enhancements
  • Other Enhancements
    • Discovery Clusters and EMC VPLEX Devices
    • Software and Infrastructure Visualization
    • CMDB Resynchronization Improvements