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Aegon (Video)
Seeks to create a consolidated IT infrastructure with BMC.

Aegon 荷兰全球保险集团 (Video)

Airline Tariff Publishing Co (ATPCO) (Document)
ATPCO publishes airfares for over 460 airlines and keeps its databases optimized and efficient with top-flight automation

Airline Tariff Publishing Co(ATPCO) 航空运价发布公司 (Document)

American Kennel Club (AKC) (Document)
Software-as-a-Service model (SaaS) delivers robust ITSM functionality, easy implementation and real-time upgrades at half the cost of on-premises solution

Ameritas ROI Case Study (Document)
Ameritas adopted BMC Remedyforce to provide its IT support center with a consistent and standardized process to address IT incidents.

Amica Insurance (Document)
Amica Mutual Insurance Company deploys BMC Virtual Agent to reduce calls to the service desk, extend hours of support, and increase the efficiency of support agents

Amica保险公司 (Document)
美国Amica互助保险公司通过采用BMC Virtual Agent,缩减了打给IT服务台的电话量,延长了支持时限,并提升了服务代表的工作效率。

Applaud IT (Document)
Applaud IT Strengthens IT Service Management with BMC Software

ASL 香港自动系统集团有限公司 (Web Page)

AtTask customer story video (Video)
See how BMC End User Experience Management (EUEM) gives AtTask real-time performance insights that keep end users happy and provide valuable data to the business.

Aviva (Document)
Multinational insurance provider Aviva seamlessly delivers innovation for its 31 million customers


Banco BPI portugal (Video)
Using BMC MainView for DB2 and BMC APPTUNE for DB2, Banco BPI discusses how BMC delivers products and solutions faster and more user friendly- cutting down production time and adding value to the business.

Banco BPI Portugal 葡萄牙投资银行 (Video)
葡萄牙投资银行正在使用BMC MainView for DB2和BMC APPTUNE for DB2的,在本视频里探讨BMC如何以更快、更友好的方式提供产品和解决方案,从而减少上线时间并增加业务价值。

Banco De La Nación Argentina (Video)
Banco De La Nación Argentina has reduced costs and improved customer service over the past 10 years with BMC Control-M products- listen and learn how

Bank Central Asia (Document)
Bank Central Asia depends on BMC Software for IT management to enable its steady growth to become Indonesia’s largest private bank today

Bank Central Asia 中亚银行 (Document)

Bank CIMB Niaga (Document)
CIMB Niaga banks on BMC Remedy Service Desk to smooth merger

Bank of Communications (Document)
ITIL-aligned solution from BMC Software reduces it complexity for China’s Bank of Communications and facilitates the bank’s strategic business growth and transformation

Bank of Communications - Mainframe (Document)
BMC Control-M empowers Bank of Communications, China’s first state-owned commercial bank, to automate and centralize cross-platform batch scheduling

Bank of Communications 交通银行 (Document)
基于ITIL最佳实践的BMC Remedy产品助力交通银行降低IT系统的复杂性,为客户提供高水平的金融服务。

Bank of Communications 交通银行 – Control-M (Document)
BMC工作负载自动化解决方案助力交通银行集中自动化处理平台,优化跨平台批次作业流程, 降低成本,并提高潜在问题的响应速度。

Bank of East Asia (Document)
The Bank of East Asia (China) deploys BMC’s Business Services Management solution for holistic managing and monitoring of its IT systems.

Banque Société Générale Vostok (Document)
BSGV deploys a centralized monitoring system using solutions from BMC Software

Banque Société Générale Vostok俄国BSGV银行 (Document)

BIGLOBE Inc. お客様事例 - NECビッグローブ株式会社 (Document)
手順書ベースの運用オペレーションからの脱却、完全自動化を目指し、BMC Atrium Orchestratorの採用を決定

Best Practice Mainframe Healthcare Management at BITMARCK TECHNIK GMBH

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (Web Page)
Tapping the power of enterprise scheduling to increase productivity, contain costs, and meet the rigorous demands of healthcare reform

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida 佛罗里达蓝十字蓝盾保险公司 (Document)

BMC Software (Document)
BMC Software streamlines problem detection and boosts R&D productivity and innovation

BMC公司容量优化案例 (Document)

BMC虚拟化投资回报案例研究 - Case Study (Document)

BNY Mellon podcast (Podcast)

BNY Mellon 纽约梅隆银行 (Podcast)

Brookfield (Video)
Shares how BMC met their needs for a full function CMDB.

Brookfield资产管理公司 (Video)

Buckeye Partners (Document)
Buckeye Partners, a primary distributor of petroleum in the U.S., slashes audit preparation time by 95% with powerful cloud-based ITSM


Capgemini 凯捷咨询公司 (Video)
使用BMC Remedy服务管理解决方案满足其服务台需求。

CARFAX on BSM (Video)
BSM solutions from BMC Software have enabled CARFAX to create a scalable environment that meets the 24/7 demands of CARFAX customers and partners. The consolidated portal interface enhances communication with business owners, providing a shared view of how IT advances business goals. The situational awareness that the BSM solutions deliver keep the staff apprised of what is happening in the environment and makes them proactive in resolving issues.

CARFAX on Control-M (Video)
Shares the value of BSM and BMC Control-M.

CARFAX公司 (Document)

CARFAX公司BSM应用 (Video)

CARFAX公司Control-M应用 (Video)
CARFAX公司分享其采用BSM和BMC Control-M所带来的价值。

Case Study: Managing Virtual Server Capacity (Document)
Forrester Report

Cast & Crew (Document)
Automated business processes made simple at Cast & Crew with BMC FootPrints

Cast & Crew (Video)
Cast & Crew requires an efficient and robust solution to better align IT with overall business objectives. With FootPrints, the company has raised the sophistication of its IT organization.

Cathay United Bank (Document)
The BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution helps Cathay United Bank, Taiwan’s largest bank in the private sector, achieve fully automatic batch job scheduling to release the complete power of its new core banking system for business growth.

Central Technology Services (Document)
Greater efficiency and higher productivity save time, enhance reliability and delay costly mainframe upgrades

Central Technology Services 美国中心银行科技服务公司 (Document)

Cetan Corp (Document)
Helping healthcare clients consolidate multiple disparate data centers and scheduling solutions onto one flexible, reliable, future-focused platform

Cetan公司 (Document)

Cetelem (Document)
Cetelem simplifies and automates enterprise workloads using BMC Control-M workload automation suite

Cetelem 佳信银行 (Document)
全球领先的消费信贷及理财服务公司佳信银行使用BMC Control-M工作负载自动化软件,实现企业工作负载管理的简约化和自动化。

China E-Port (Document)
BMC provides China E-Port data center with a transparent window into the operation of China E-Port while improving effi ciency and reducing costs

China E-Port 中国电子口岸 (Document)
中国电子口岸数据中心部署了BMC BSM解决方案,为中国电子口岸平台的平稳运行提供了一个可视化的门户,同时提高了效率,降低了成本。

China Pacific Insurance Co. (Document)
China Pacific Insurance increases efficiency, reduces costs and boosts overall performance with BMC solutions

China Pacific Insurance Co. 中国太平洋保险(集团)股份有限公司 (Document)

ChipRewards (Video)
ChipRewards uses BMC Control-M Workload Automation for batch processing and cloud resourcing for the big data analytics that is central to their business.

City of Long Beach (Document)
Enterprise workload automation simplifies job scheduling across platforms and empowers users, saving time and boosting reliability of critical scheduled processing

City of San Mateo (Document)
Needing a new help desk system that was easy to implement and would make their customers happy, the City of San Mateo turned to BMC Track-It!

CMC Markets (Document)
CMC Markets uses leading-edge automation technology to keep its NextGen online trading platform stable, agile, and efficient

Coldwater Creek (Video)
Coldwater Creek focuses on processes and automation through BMC Business Service Management and experiences several benefits including the ability to reduce IT costs by ten percent.

College of Marin (Document)
BMC Track-It! streamlines efficiencies and helps manage budget at the College of Marin

Columbia Sportswear (Document)
Leading U.S. retailer Columbia Sportswear slashes operating costs and increases margins with strategic IT operations management

Columbia Sportswear 哥伦比亚运动服装公司 (Document)

Coop (Document)
Leading retailer and wholesaler Coop keeps shelves stocked, registers working, and customers happy with superior workload automation

Coop (Document)
Coop uses high-performance middleware management to keep its 800 retail locations stocked and 3 million members satisfied

CSC澳大利亚公司 (Document)
CSC全球外包服务部利用BMC Remedy重塑服务。


Dealer Track (Video)
Uses a “building block approach” to BSM.

Delhaize Group (Document)
Delhaize Group powers just-in-time retailing across 3,500+ stores with high mainframe availability and lightning-fast throughput

Dell (Document)
Dell Services delivers outstanding support and compliance for systems handling thousands of patient medical records

Dell - Capacity Management (Video)

Dell 戴尔–容量管理 (Video)

Dell 戴尔案例研究-Control-M - Case Study (Document)

Dell戴尔 – ITIL (Document)

Design Within Reach (Video)
Design Within Reach implemented both the Remedyforce Service Desk and the platform to change the way they interact with IT and with their customers.

Design Within Reach (Document)
U.S. retailer Design Within Reach extends its experience from storefront to web to IT with trustworthy, elegant, cloud-based helpdesk

Deutsche Telekom AG (Document)
Taking the pain, cost, and complexity out of middleware management

Deutsche Telekom 德国电信 (Document)

Dex Media Improves IT Service with BMC Remedyforce (Video)
Dex Media modernizes their approach to IT service management and connects their thousands of end users with IT by deploying BMC Remedyforce.

DHHS (Video)
DHHS IT Help Desk Thrives with Remedyforce

Dillard's (Document)
Freeing up MIPS enables IT to process increasingly complex transactions while slowing the rate of CPU upgrades

Douglas County Libraries (Document)
BMC Track-It! enables collection of seven libraries to integrate IT management capabilities in an increasingly complex environment

Dresdner Kleinwort (Document)
Достижение целей с помощью управления ИТ-бизнесом

Duke Energy (Document)
Duke Energy deployed BMC FootPrints to manage all its network assets and systems that run and support the company’s public grid infrastructure.

DyStar集团 (Web Page)
BMC Remedyforce服务台解决方案帮助DyStar集团整合全球 IT帮助台,实现快速增长。


Easynet Global Services (Document)
Easynet Takes Customer Satisfaction To a New Dimension with BMC Remedy

EasyStreet (Document)
Integrating seamlessly with their heterogeneous environment, BMC Footprints helps EasyStreet manage service requests and support ITIL best practices

EDF能源英国电网 (Document)

EECU (Document)
EECU turns to BMC Software for a solution to organize and automate their IT support organization

El Monte 银行 (Document)
西班牙 El Monte 银行采用 BMC 解决方案提高其分布式环境的管理水平。

Emirates National Oil (Document)
Integrated IT Service Management for one of the Middle East’s Leading Diversifi ed Oil and Gas Companies

European Mobile Operator (Document)
BMC Capacity Management helps a leading mobile operator to improve the quality of its services

European Mobile Operator 某欧洲移动运营商 (Document)

European Patent Office 欧洲专利局 (Document)


Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh (Document)
Server automation tools enhance stability of critical systems and reduce security risks

Fiducia IT AG (Document)
FIDUCIA use BMC MainView to significantly Reduce z/OS Monitoring Costs by improving the utlilization of IBM zIIP Processors

FIDUCIA IT AG (Document)
Delivering unprecedented insight into middleware performance in support of Germany’s leading financial institutions

Fiducia IT公司 (Document)
德国最大的金融IT服务供应商FIDUCIA使用BMC MainView,通过提高IBM zIIP处理器的利用率显著降低z/OS监控成本。

FIDUCIA IT公司 (Document)

Findomestic (Document)
Findomestic gets better IT visibility and performance with BMC Capacity Management

FleetPlus (Document)
FleetPlus has gained far more transparency into its service desk operations with BMC Remedyforce, a solution that is able to grow alongside the company

Florida Hospital 佛罗里达医院 (Document)

Florida Hospital Achieves 24x7 Environment with BMC Mainframe Solutions (Video)
Robert Goodman of Florida Hospital discusses how the quality and performance of BMC mainframe utilities help keep the largest hospital in the U.S. up and running 24x7.

France Telecom 法国电信 (Web Page)

French Camp Academy (Document)
Needing a low cost solution to automate request processing and inventory audits, BMC TrackIt! delivered for the school

Fujitsu FSAS (Document)
BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suite enables consolidation of nationwide servers and streamlines management of a company-wide private cloud

Fujitsu FSAS 富士通支持与服务公司 (Document)
BMC BladeLogic服务器应用套件助力富士通支持与服务公司的企业私有云,整合国内服务器并简化管理。

Fujitsu FSAS Inc. お客様事例 - 株式会社富士通エフサス (Document)
全国に分散したサーバをプライベートクラウドへ集約し効率的な 管理をBMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suiteで実現

Fujitsu 富士通 (Document)
富士通交易解决方案公司使用BMC Application Problem Resolution实现宕机时间最小化,并降低成本。

Future Group (Document)
Future Group performed an extensive evaluation of products from BMC Software, IBM, HP, and CA. The BMC solution was quickly identified as offering the most comprehensive and unified approach for managing their existing IT systems and processes.


Galaxy Software Services Corporation (Document)
BMC Software batch optimization, database management and enterprise scheduling tools help Galaxy resolve mainframe challenges for its clients

Generali (Document)
Switching to best-in-class z/OS monitoring solution reduces CPU time and costs by 30 percent

Generali 德国通用集团 (Document)


HACTL (Document)
Competition spurs ever more agile and efficient IT using Control-M

Harmony Information Systems (Document)
Monitoring customer-facing applications to meet SLAs and proactively identify end-user transaction issues

Harris County – Third Largest County in U.S (Video)
Learn how Harris County ITC with BMC Performance Assurance for Mainframes is ensuring that its citizens get speedy access to an efficient, cost-effective justice system in the third-largest county in the nation.

HBF健康保险基金 (Document)

HCL podcast (Podcast)

HealthSouth Corporation 南方保健公司总体经济影响(TEI)案例研究 - Case Study (Document)
BMC服务影响和事件管理解决方案总体经济影响(Total Economic Impact™):南方保健公司
Forrester Research

Hill International (Document)
BMC FootPrints enables Hill International to automate its IT and HR departments, eliminating manual processes for technical support and asset procurement.

Holiday Travel of America (Document)
BMC FootPrints helps centralize and automate multiple IT support processes to support users and applications

HUK Coburg (Document)
German public services insurance giant raises DBA productivity significantly with integrated BMC Software solution


i/o Datacenters (Document)
Implementing an enterprise platform for delivering superior customer service

IBS DataFort (Document)
Построение системы Service Desk на платформе BMC Remedy

ICTU (Document)

iiNet (Web Page)
BMC Remedy ITSM 8帮助领先的通信服务提供商iiNet改变客户服务方式,提高员工能力。

Infoplex (Web Page)

Instituto de Informatica (Document)
Instituto de Informàtica unleashes automation to improve Portugal’s social security systems and service for millions of people

IT Services Organization (Document)
An IT services company enables its people with BMC Educational Services

ITS Infocom (Document)
Leading provider of IT services creates service management showcase featuring ITIL best practices and world-class functionality

ITS Infocom公司 (Web Page)
领先IT服务供应商ITS InfoCom利用BMC软件创建服务并优化基础架构。


JB Hunt (Document)
BMC enterprise scheduling and DB2 management solutions cut costs, enhance visibility, and improve performance to help keep trucks and cargo moving

JB Hunt运输服务公司 (Document)

JDA Software (Document)
JDA Software cuts provisioning time from 60 days to 2 hours with strategic cloud management - and saves $500,000 annually


KBC (Document)
Belgian Bancassurer Achieves Complete Return on BMC Software Investment in Only Six Months

Khan Bank (Document)
BMC and Pacen provide helpdesk solution for Mongolia’s largest bank

Khan Bank 蒙古可汗银行 (Document)

KNAB (Document)
Leveraging the power of Remedyforce to help deliver an innovative online banking experience, KNAB improves change management, reporting and collaboration.


Leeds City Council (Document)
Remedy OnDemand delivers comprehensive ITSM functionality plus the cost savings and efficiency of a subscription-based model

Lenovo (Document)
Unified knowledge base in BMC Remedy, along with built-in ITIL best practices, delivers a competitive edge for IT managed services

Lenovo 联想集团 (Document)
BMC Remedy助力联想集团服务运作支持处统一管理平台,交付具有竞争力的 IT管理服务,实现资源弹性管理,满足定制需求,提高客户满意度。

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics (Document)
Lockheed Martin maximizes systems availability to help build a complete F-35 fighter jet every day

Lockheed Martin 洛克希德•马丁航空公司 (Document)

Lumen 21 video (Video)
Lumen 21 Transforms their IT Help Desk with Remedyforce

Lumen21 (Document)
Cloud-based service desk delivers substantial gains in customer satisfaction, support team productivity, and mean time to resolution

Lumen21 (Web Page)
Lumen21利用BMC Remedyforce实现7000%以上投资回报率,荣获美国市场研究公司Nucleus Research 授予的“技术投资回报奖(Technology ROI Award)”。


M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank (M&I Bank) (Document)
Improving performance and availability, strengthening compliance, and driving operational efficiencies through configuration automation

Macquarie Telecom (Document)
Data center automation provides Macquarie Telecom with substantial savings

Macquarie Telecom (Video)
James Mystakidis of Macquarie Telecom's hosting business and BMC's automation technologies viz Atrium Orchestrator, Bladelogic Server and Network Administrator.

Macquarie电信 (Document)

Maitland (Document)
Maitland reduces batch incident rates by 80% for its fund services of over $200 billion USD in managed assets worldwide

Major North American Insurer (Document)
Major insurer with 13 millon members uses capacity optimization technology to drive huge efficiencies and compliance

Manheim 澳大利亚美瀚公司 (Web Page)
澳大利亚汽车再营销服务领域的领导者美瀚公司,成功利用BMC Remedy OnDemand 解决方案整合了IT服务管理平台。

ManpowerGroup Netherlands (Document)
Automated service management solution enhances efficiency and enables more effective use of resources throughout the business

Marriott (Document)
Marriott showcases IT thought leadership

Marriott 万豪国际酒店集团 (Document)

MAXM Database Advisor Drives Agility ROI Study - Case Study (Document)
MAXM Database Advisorfrom BMC Drives IMS Agility at Multimillion-Dollar European Financial Services Firm

MC Lioness房产集团 (Document)

ME Bank (Document)
BMC Control-M Workload Automation suite enables ME Bank to improve their batch execution capability and ultimately improve customer service

ME 银行 (Document)
BMC Control-M工作负载自动化套件帮助澳洲ME 银行提高批处理能力,并改善客户服务。

Memorial Health Systems (Document)
MHS needed a help desk solution that could both accommodate the IT needs of the enterprise and all the hospitals within the MHS network

Mercator (Document)
Leading European retailer Mercator gains efficiencies and revenues with best-in-class ITSM solutions

MetaScale - BMC Software Delivers Big Data Value (Video)
By processing and analyzing large data on Hadoop, MetaScale was able to quickly react to changing market conditions and better serve their members through improved competitive pricing and new product launches.

Mitchell (H264) (extended version) (Video)
Learn how Remedy force helped Mitchell International work smarter and more efficiently so they could make things better for their customers.

Mitchell International (Document)
Mitchell International moves service desk to the cloud and saves 37K hours annually processing 50 million insurance transactions

Mobily (Document)
Implementation of a private cloud solution from BMC Software to support business service management

Mobily (Document)

Monash University (Document)
BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite delivers University-wide ICT support processes and systems

Monash University 澳大利亚莫纳什大学 (Web Page)

Morgan Stanley摩根士丹利 (Document)

Morningstar (Document)
Morningstar gains 10X efficiency with cloud automation to promote over 480,000 investment offerings


Navy 311 (Document)
Tapping the power of advanced ITSM software to provide a single customer service entry point for Sailors, the fleet and stakeholders

Navy 311 美国海军311 (Document)
利用先进的BMC ITSM 软件为美国海员、舰队及相关者提供单一客户服务入口点。

NEC Biglobe (Document)
BIGLOBE Adopts BMC Atrium Orchestrator to Replace Procedure Sheet-Based Operations with Fully Automated Incident Handling

New York HHC 纽约健康与医疗保健总公司 (Web Page)
BMC Remedy ITSM 助力纽约健康与医院管理总公司完成数据中心整合。

News UK (Document)
News UK realizes new efficiencies through developed self-service and automation capabilities with BMC Remedyforce.

Northwestern University (Document)
A transparent view of Web application performance gives application owners, students, faculty, and staff visibility into application health and availability


Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (Document)
The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Gets Organized with BMC FootPrints

Orange Business Services (Document)
领先的法国电信服务提供商使用 BMC Remedy ITSM三年节省860万欧元。

Oryx Align (Document)
When Oryx Align needed a practical, easy-to-use help desk solution to support its growing stable of clients, it turned to BMC Track-It!.


Panasonic Corporation お客様事例 – パナソニック株式会社 (Document)
大規模基幹バッチシステム運用を支えるBMC CONTROL-M Workload Automation Solutionの導入事例

Pembrokeshire County Council (Document)
An upgrade to BMC Track-It! offers Pembrokeshire the long-term benefits of a reduced workload for its help desk

Pemex Gas 墨西哥石油公司 (Document)

PeoplesBank (Document)
When looking for a help desk solution with enhanced functionality and reporting with superb vendor support, BMC Track-It! fit the bill

PeoplesBank 美国人民银行 (Web Page)
BMC软件助力美国人民银行全面提升IT客户服务质量。BMC Track-It! 加快问题解决速度,同时提高运营效率。

Pernod Ricard Pacific 保乐力加集团 (Document)
全球第二大酒精饮料公司采用BMC Service Desk Express提高IT用户满意度。

Pervasive Software (Video)
Pervasive Software Discovers IT Help Desk Excellence with Remedyforce

Premier Healthcare Alliance (Document)
Robust user experience data drives decision making to ensure the delivery of high-quality software that aligns with user needs and expectations

PrimeLending (Document)
PrimeLending Relies on BMC FootPrints to Manage Aggressive National Expansion

Princess Cruises (Video)
Uses BMC MainView products to monitor across the board applications.

Princess Cruises公主邮轮船队 (Video)
全球最大的邮轮船队之一使用BMC MainView产品监控各种应用程序。.


R+V Insurance AG (Document)
Improving DB2 availability with high-speed backup and recovery, supported by BMC mainframe service management solutions

Remedyforce: Mitchell International (Video)

Roundy’s连锁超市公司 (Document)

Ryanair (Document)
BMC FootPrints Flying High With Ryanair


Sanofi (Document)
Sanofi, a worldwide leader in pharmaceuticals, fosters innovation and manages rapid growth with holistic capacity management

SAP (Document)
Rapidly delivering SAP environments for R&D, testing, and training needs worldwide with BMC Cloud solutions

SAP (Document)

Scripps Networks (Document)
Keeping HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, and Great American Country on the air and online with BSM Solutions from BMC

Seattle Public Schools (Document)
Automation reduces IT costs, freeing up funding for programs that strengthen schools and improve student success

Selex (Document)
When SELEX needed a single centralised service desk to deal with support requests across multiple territories, it turned to BMC FootPrints for help

Seneca College (Document)
Seneca has made life easier and more organized for service desk professionals as well as the faculty and students they serve after choosing BMC FootPrints

Sharp HealthCare (Document)
Applying technology to support a culture of caring, quality, service, innovation and excellence

Sharp HealthCare 夏普医疗集团 (Document)

Shasta County California (Document)
Support automation improves incident, change, and asset management and increases accuracy and efficiency of time-keeping and chargebacks

Siemens (Video)
Shares their experiences with BMC ITSM Suite, BMC Atrium CMDB, and more.

Siemens 西门子 (Video)
西门子IT人员分享他们使用BMC ITSM Suite、BMC Atrium CMDB等解决方案的经验。

Siemens 西门子IT部门 (Video)

Signal Iduna Group (Document)
Comprehensive DB2 solution reduces operational costs and improves response times for German financial services firm

Société Générale Group (Document)
Société Générale, one of Europe’s largest banks, boosts service quality and cuts annual outsourcing costs by nearly €275,000

Southern Company (Document)
Enterprise change management ensures market competitiveness of IT, reduces risk of outages, and strengthens customer satisfaction

Southern Company 美国南方电力公司 (Podcast)

Spark Ventures (Document)
Spark Ventures delivers fast VOD and WiFi, delighting bandwidth-hungry New Zealand digital customers

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) (Document)
SBS met growing IT demands by implementing BMC FootPrints for its IT service and asset management needs

Specsavers (Document)
BMC FootPrints is the service management solution of choice to complement a major expansion plan around the world, transforming the way calls are managed

Stanford University 斯坦福大学 - Case Study (Document)

State of Tennessee (Document)
Improving government efficiency and effectiveness to derive maximum value for taxpayer dollars

State of Tennessee 美国田纳西州政府 (Document)

Sun Chemical (Video)
Chimdi Ifeakanwa, IT consultant at Sun Chemical, explains how the world's largest producer of printing inks and pigments relies on BMC Control-M for their SAP automation needs.

Sun Chemical 太阳化学公司 (Document)

Sun Chemical 太阳化学公司 (Video)
太阳化学公司IT顾问Chimdi Ifeakanwa介绍这个全球最大的打印油墨和颜料制造商如何通过BMC Control-M 满足其SAP自动化需求。

Sun International (Document)
Sun International took the decision to expand the remit of the BMC Remedy Service Desk to log, track and manage business calls, such as those made by resort guests to a hotel’s Housekeeping, Maintenance, Food and Beverage or Security departments.

Sunrise电信公司 (Document)

Swiss Mobiliar 瑞士Mobiliar保险 (Document)

Sysmex Corporation お客様事例 - シスメックス株式会社 (Document)

Sysmex Corporation お客様事例 - シスメックス株式会社 (Video)


TEI of BMC MAINVIEW - Case Study (Document)
The Total Economic Impact™ Of BMC Software’s MAINVIEW Solutions
Forrester Research

TeliaSonera (Document)
Компания выбирает решения BMC Software для повышения качества обслуживания клиентов

Telstra Australia 澳州电信公司 (Document)
澳洲电信采用BMC Remedy IT服务管理解决方案实现IT转型。

Tennis Australia (Document)
BMC FootPrints supports Tennis Australia's transformation from 400 to 5,000 IT users during the Australian Open Tournament

Texas A&M University (Document)
Texas A&M performs monitoring and troubleshooting for its Blackboard Vista users around the world with BMC End User Experience Management

Thai Airways (Document)
With BMC Software's Cloud Lifecycle Management, Thai Airways has delivered against soaring business expectations regarding agility.

Thai Airways (Video)
BMC's Remedy platform underpins the robust and efficient Thai Airways information systems.

Thai Airways 泰国国际航空公司 (Document)

Thai Airways 泰国国际航空公司 (Video)
泰国国际航空公司CIO介绍BMC Remedy平台为泰国航空IT系统打造了强大高效的基础。

Thomson IP Management (Document)
A view into the customer’s application environment speeds problem resolution, enhancing customer satisfaction and employee morale

Thomson 汤森路透知识产权管理业务部 (Document)

TietoEnator (Video)
Shares their experiences and why they can trust BMC to meet their needs.

Topdanmark A/S (Document)
Topdanmark Shrinks Insurance Applications Deployment Time by up to 60 percent with BMC BladeLogic

Trafigura (Document)
Trafigura gets extensive IT service desk automation and ITIL support in BMC FootPrints

TUI InfoTec (Document)
BMC Remedy shows immediate benefits for both customers and client after fast and successful implementation by ComConsult


United States Local Government (Document)
Local Government Agency Right-Sizes Mainframe Upgrade, Gains More than $2.5 Million in Benefits with BMC Capacity Management for Mainframes

University of California Consolidates on BMC Control-M (Video)
University of California creating a center of operational excellence by consolidating on BMC Control-M.

University of California, Berkeley (Video)
Dax Johnson, lead technical architect at the University of California, Berkeley, describes how BMC Control-M V8 delivers on the Power of Simple—and what it means for the university’s operations.

University of Connecticut (Document)
Control-M aligns with IT transition to distributed systems and open-source solutions as UConn adopts Kuali Financial System

University of Hong Kong 香港大学 (Web Page)
全港第一所高等学府引进BMC Remedy IT服务管理解决方案全面推行ITIL服务流程。

University of Roehampton (Document)
Roehampton’s search for a robust, multi-departmental service desk solution ends with BMC FootPrints

Unum (Video)
Unum implemented Control-M Self Service for application and business users, resulting in increased efficiency, improved service and lower costs.

Unum (Web Page)
Unum公司采用BMC软件实现“自助服务”。BMC Control-M自助服务解决方案帮助业务用户和IT员工提高工作效率。


Veteran General Hospital Kaohsiung (VGHKS) (Document)
The BMC Control-M Workload Automation solution provides Veterans General Hospital (VGHKS) a focal point of control

VGHKS 台湾高雄荣民总医院 (Document)
BMC Control-M软件帮助台湾高雄荣民总医院基于单一平台实现全院统一管理以及作业排程全面自动化,大幅提高操作效率并降低成本。

Virgin Media 维珍媒体 (Document)
英国领先的娱乐和通信公司使用BMC BladeLogic加快服务上市速度,缩短产品发布周期。

Virgin Mobile (Document)
BMC Blade Logic помогает Virgin Mobile справиться с задачей ИТ-соответствия

Vodafon Australia (Document)
Компания выбирает решения BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite для оптимизации инфраструктуры поддержки услуг

Vodafone India (Document)
Vodafone deployed BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite to create a single, central service desk

Vodafone India 沃达丰印度公司 (Document)
沃达丰印度公司使用BMC Remedy IT服务管理解决方案建立单一的、集中的服务台。


Wasserwerke Zug AG (English) (Document)
IT Service management as a key factor in business success

Wasserwerke Zug AG (German) (Document)
IT Service Management als Schlüsselfaktor für den Geschäserfolg

Wilbur-Ellis (Document)
Wilbur-Ellis integrates financials into asset management

Wipro (Document)
Wipro, the 7th largest global IT services firm, delivers and manages elite hybrid cloud environments for over 900 enterprise customers

WUR (Document)
Acclaimed research institute Wageningen UR provides a high-performance IT infrastructure for over 15,000 client computers


Xchanging (Document)
Case Study: Xchanging’s Strategic Implementation of Business Service Management

XWave (Video)
Helps customers improve services with BMC Configuration Automation.


Yakult 养乐多 (Web Page)
世界领先的益生菌饮料制造商养乐多采用BMC Remedyforce 服务台解决方案,基于云环境实现快速经济的IT服务管理功能。


Zane State College (Document)
To support a growing campus and its myriad of technical equipment, Zane State College turned to BMC Track-It!