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Banco De La Nación Argentina (Video)
Banco De La Nación Argentina has reduced costs and improved customer service over the past 10 years with BMC Control-M products- listen and learn how


CARFAX on Control-M (Video)
Shares the value of BSM and BMC Control-M.

Central Technology Services (Document)
Central Technology Services (U.S.) levels the playing field in a competitive banking marketplace with streamlined service delivery

ChipRewards (Video)
ChipRewards uses BMC Control-M Workload Automation for batch processing and cloud resourcing for the big data analytics that is central to their business.

Coop (Document)
Coop retail (CH) uses high-performance middleware management to keep its 800 locations stocked and 3 million members satisfied


Instituto de Informatica (Document)
Instituto de Informàtica improves Portugal’s social security systems and service for 10MM+ people with workload automation


Maitland (Document)
Maitland reduces batch incident rates by 80% for its fund services of over $200 billion USD in managed assets worldwide

ME Bank (Document)
ME Bank (AU) cuts overnight batch processing windows to deliver great banking services on time, every time

MetaScale - BMC Software Delivers Big Data Value (Video)
By processing and analyzing large data on Hadoop, MetaScale was able to quickly react to changing market conditions and better serve their members through improved competitive pricing and new product launches.


Sun Chemical (Video)
Chimdi Ifeakanwa, IT consultant at Sun Chemical, explains how the world's largest producer of printing inks and pigments relies on BMC Control-M for their SAP automation needs.


University of California Consolidates on BMC Control-M (Video)
University of California creating a center of operational excellence by consolidating on BMC Control-M.

University of California, Berkeley (Video)
Dax Johnson, lead technical architect at the University of California, Berkeley, describes how BMC Control-M V8 delivers on the Power of Simple—and what it means for the university’s operations.

Unum (Video)
Unum implemented Control-M Self Service for application and business users, resulting in increased efficiency, improved service and lower costs.