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O2 relies on Remedy to deliver award-winning service to 25 million mobile customers

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Business Challenge

O2 has 25 million mobile users and 6 million active users on O2 Wi-Fi in the United Kingdom. O2 continues to build brand loyalty and retain high-value customers by making the delivery of seamless user experiences its primary priority. To maintain exceptional service levels while also supporting business innovation, O2 needed a proven solution to transform its service management and processes.

BMC Solution

O2 chose Remedy Service Management Suite to provide the structure and process for efficiently handling incidents, problems, service requests, and changes for customers, employees, and partners.

Business Impact

Remedy helps O2's operations teams keep business-critical systems running around the clock, so that employees can deliver exceptional support and create a steady stream of new services that enrich consumers’ lives.

  • Remedy enables service desk efficiency and seamless change management for over 3,500 employees across 1,000 locations in the United Kingdom.
  • O2 operations handles 375,000 internal cases, 200,000 incident tickets, and 100,000 change requests annually.
  • O2’s internal service desk, which received a five-star accreditation from the Service Desk Institute two years in a row, supports 5,000 O2 departments and third-party providers.
  • As part of the U.K.’s Smart Metering Infrastructure Program, an initiative that gives energy companies access to real-time usage data, Remedy will help O2 manage ITIL® services for 23 million Communication Hub devices.

“Remedy is our internal system for managing technologies in a way that lets us knowingly deliver brilliant service experiences to our customers. It provides the means for changing the conversation with our customers and operating from the standpoint of their experience, not the standpoint of technology.”

— Paul Pattinson, Head of Service Management, O2

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