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Transforming 82% of the Fortune 500

BMC technology drives digital innovation from mainframe, to mobile, to cloud and beyond.

Case Studies/Success Stories

Vodafone, the world’s second largest mobile carrier, delivers best-in-class self-service IT to 150,000 employees worldwide with BMC MyIT.

University of Connecticut

University taps BMC for fast, reliable batch processing across integrated systems

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (HACTL)

Workload automation helps air cargo company move 3.5MM tons of cargo annually

Fujitsu FSAS

Fujitsu FSAS streamlines cloud-based IT services with BMC server automation

Delhaize Group

Retailer generates $28.8B per year with reliable, just-in-time performance

Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Strategic automation streamlines compliance and service delivery to 20MM+ people worldwide


Multinational insurance provider delivers innovation to 31 million customers

Wageningen University and Research Centre

Acclaimed research institute optimizes IT infrastructure for 15K+ client computers


Retail customers in 330+ locations satisfied by efficiently processed transactions

Leeds City Council (UK)

ITSM in the cloud efficiently serves city council’s growing constituency

ME Bank

Accelerated batch processing drives great banking services

Instituto de Informatica

Automation in Portugal’s social security systems improves service for millions


Optimal automation and ITSM power energy management business

HUK-COBURG (Germany)

Automation and developer self-service help large insurer deliver new services to 10MM customers

Central Technology Services

CTS levels the playing field with streamlined service delivery

Coop Cooperative

High-performance middleware keeps shelves stocked and 3 million members satisfied

CMC Markets

Leading-edge automation keeps online trading platform stable, agile, and efficient

Buckeye Partners

Petroleum distributor slashes audit preparation time by 95% with powerful cloud-based ITSM

Bank of Communications

Top-5 Chinese commercial bank delivers sophisticated financial services at massive scale


ATPCO manages airfares for 460+ airlines with optimized IBM® DB2® environment

Orange Business Services

Agile cloud solutions help 2MM+ customers focus on business growth

Lockheed Martin

Maximum systems availability helps build a complete F-35 fighter jet every day

Société Générale

Large global bank boosts service quality and cuts outsourcing with superior performance management

Dell Services

Dell Services delivers improved support and compliance for help desk systems and patient records

Florida Hospital

Hospital handles one million patient visits per year with always-on IBM® DB2® environment


Pharmaceutical leader fosters innovation and manages growth with optimized capacity management


International retailer gains efficiencies and revenue with best-in-class ITSM solutions

JDA Software

JDA Software cuts provisioning from 60 days to 2 hours and saves $500,000 annually

Maitland Group

Maitland reduces batch incident rates by 80% for fund services of over $210 billion USD


Software giant powers R&D innovation with near-instant, cloud-based delivery of IT infrastructure

Spark Ventures

Spark Ventures delivers fast VOD and WiFi to bandwidth-hungry users


Morningstar gains 10X efficiency with cloud automation

Mitchell International

Move to the cloud saves 37K hours processing 50 million insurance transactions