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Customers visiting the BMC Executive Briefing Center experience first-hand the value BMC Software can deliver to their organization. You will hear informative presentations by BMC executives and subject matter experts and, through interaction with them, experience the corporate culture personified throughout our Houston campus.

The BMC Software Executive Briefing Program has received several awards from the Association of Briefing Program Managers, including "Briefing Program of the Year" in 2008, 2011, 2012 and 2015.

The ultimate goal of the Executive Briefing Program is to provide an unsurpassed customer informational experience.

All customers invited to attend a briefing in Houston will receive login details for our new, award-winning MyEBC app. Our app is designed to ensure you have a valuable briefing experience while at our Houston headquarters and will provide access to personalized logistical and content details needed both pre- and post-briefing.

Contact your BMC Software Account Manager to schedule a briefing. If you do not have an account manager, contact us or call us at 800-793-4262 .

"During your visit, we would like to learn more about the challenges and opportunities faced by you and your organizations, as well as share with you the extraordinary value BMC solutions are providing to the best run IT organizations around the world."

— Robert E. Beauchamp Chairman and CEO, BMC Software

What do customers say about visiting the BMC EBC?

“The planning, the execution and the overall briefing experience was bar none - the best I have ever seen. If this is the level of support and development for the product itself - we are blown away. Great, great job!!!!”

“I learned a lot over the last two days. I appreciated having the true leaders in the room and their being transparent about BMC and your software offerings.”

“Really worthwhile exercise, return on investment achieved.”

“Outstanding session to continue to grow the partnership...really felt like we're working this journey together and very much appreciate that. Thanks to all at BMC for all the time and energy on this session and our work together.”