Yakult cuts help desk costs with BMC RemedyForce

When it comes to the roles, responsibilities and challenges for IT, smaller organizations don’t necessarily have it easier.  IT departments of any size must solve problems quickly and respond to their user requests as quickly as possible.  For the small and mid size companies this can be an even bigger challenge as they are constrained in the budget and time they can spend implementing IT service Management solution to help.  This was exactly the case that Yakult , a European food and beverage manufacturing company found themselves in not too long ago and we wanted to share how BMC Remedyforce helped them streamline their IT service management at a fraction of the costs of an on premise solution.


Yakult was reaching a critical phase with their existing premise based help desk solution from Altris.  The employees had never really embraced the Altris solution because it was complex to use and it was becoming increasing apparent that the system itself had some critical limitations that were impacting Yakult’s IT team from effectively handling issues and requests.

Because of budget and resource limitations, selecting a new on premise solution quickly became impractical so the team began to look to the cloud and SaaS offerings as a viable alternative.  That’s where BMC’s Remedyforce came into play.

“We chose BMC Remedyforce for a variety of reasons,” recalled help desk analyst Arnold Soedamah. “It is a true SaaS solution, where as TOPdesk, the other solution we considered, is a managed service offering. The BMC pricing was more favorable, it offered more functionality, and we could deploy it faster. We also felt very comfortable with the two companies behind BMC Remedyforce. We have a lot of confidence in both BMC Software and Salesforce.com.”

The team at Yakult compared the pricing for Remedyforce with the costs of upgrading their existing on premise solution and the decision became clear.

“Compared to the cost of upgrading, BMC Remedyforce will save us approximately 25% the first year and will cut our costs nearly in half in years two and three” said Can Ersoz, Manager of Information Systems.  “And we estimate that BMC Remedyforce will cost only about half as much as TOPdesk would cost over three years.”

The users are adopting BMC Remedyforce much quicker than the legacy system it replaced, and taking advantage of the self-service features which has the added benefit of reducing the burden on the help desk

“Since we implemented BMC Remedyforce, the number of phone calls to the help desk has dropped by about one third” Ersoz said

As Yakult continues down the path with Remedyforce, they plan to expand its usage beyond incident management to cover change and problem management as well.

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