Workplace Technology Re-imagined

How many times a day do you use Google? My count yesterday was 18. I go to Google because I get instant answers. My questions range from “how do I make eggplant parmesan?” (I like to cook), to “what is that funny looking bug on my pepper plant?” (I like to garden), to “how do I install canned lighting?” (my wife doesn’t like this), to “Yo Gabba Gabba episodes” (anyone with a small child understands this!). The answers always bubble up to the top, and the answers are always relevant to what I’m querying. How did I ever get answers without Google?

How many times a day do you use technology solutions while you’re mobile? During last week’s business trip, it was 6. In the morning, I opened Uber to get a car to the airport (1), pulled up my ticket on the United Airlines mobile app to get past security and board the plane (2 & 3), launched Google Maps to get to my hotel (4), opened the Starwoods app to get my hotel reservation details (5), and finally Yelp to find a restaurant (6). What if I didn’t have mobile access? I would have called the local taxi company, waited in line to get my boarding pass, pulled out the local map for directions, waited in line to check in to the hotel, and either talked to the hotel concierge or pulled out the phone book to find a restaurant. Nowadays, this seems like a lot of extra minutes and wasted time.

How often do you communicate with your friends and family via social media social   vs. email? email

I bet it’s a lot, and growing. My communication standards now range from texting with my mom (I won’t mention how old she is!) to FaceTime with my daughter who’s two and a half (and yes, knows how to FaceTime). It’s been a while (years, if memory serves me correctly) since I emailed with my mom, and I may never email with my daughter—the technology may be obsolete, or at least not fast enough. I’m not sure if it’s our expectation that responses happen instantly, or if it’s the fact that we simply have better technologies to help us connect.

How often do you use technology and remark at how easy it was? My latest surprise was when I installed Sonos. The instruction manual (which isn’t really a manual since it’s an app on your mobile device) quickly guided me through a three-step installation process, and in under a couple of minutes, I had access to an endless amount of music.

Does your personal technology experience match your at-work experience?


When your compare your personal technology experience which consists of easy use, endless knowledge, mobility, and instant collaboration, to your experiences with business technologies you use at work for CRM, ERP, human resources, accounting, IT service management, etc., do they match? Does your work experience grant you easy access to knowledge? Does it enable you to perform your work duties everywhere? Does it quickly connect you with peers, and does it leave you feeling satisfied and saying, “that was easy”?

What if it did?

Imagine being presented a single view of easily consumable knowledge.Imagine a concise list of customer information, knowledge articles, or historical data points that allows you to respond to a customer with that added personal touch. imagine

Imagine if you could actually learn something while helping someone resolve an issue rather than just repeating the step-by-step instructions, or suggest answers based on fact-based past experiences.


Imagine using mobile to connect with co-workers rather than just performing a task while away from your desk.

Imagine having complete visibility into processes, data, and resources with the click of button from anywhere. Imagine getting real-time feedback on a job well done.


Imagine collaborating with experts in your field not to just solve problems but actually improve your knowledge, and having that genuine feeling of a learned experience.

Imagine working on a project in real-time, editing the project and finalizing the project without a lag due to location or information constraints. Imagine posting a question and being provided a list of team members most adept at helping you answer the question without wondering if you’ll ever get a response. Imagine how quickly knowledge can transfer from office to office when new products are launched or new markets are being served. Imagine a true on-the-job learning experience that extends well beyond the traditional hands-on experience. That is workplace technology Re-imagined.

All that you imagine may soon be your reality.

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Jeff Moloughney
Remedy ITSM Solutions Marketing

These postings are my own and do not necessarily represent BMC's position, strategies, or opinion.

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Jeff Moloughney

Jeff Moloughney

Jeff has been in the enterprise software business for close to 20 years working at Oracle, FrontRange Solutions and most recently BMC where he is a member of the BMC ITSM solutions marketing team. He has expertise in both product management and product marketing for customer relationship management, customer service & support, and IT service management solutions.