Why Quality Wins when Measuring Performance of a Global Service Desk

Is your service desk strictlyperformance based? Have you been measuring quality or user satisfaction? BMC is not only a provider of ITSM and Service Desk software, we also are a customer,supporting a global and diverse business. With over $2B in revenue and 6,000 employees, the internal Service desk teams support R&D, HR, Marketing as well as basic IT help desk issues.


Join us for a discussion with Linda Butts about some practical ways to transform your service desk from a strictly performance-based group to one that is based on quality.



“Focus on quality, focus on accuracy,focus on getting it right the first time. … Build the tools, technology andskill sets into your team so they can think. They can work through issues andthey can solve them there, says Linda Butts.”  Service_desk_concierge.jpg



  • What do wemean when we say “ 24/7 Global Service Desk?”
  • Being instrumental in terms of transforming the Service Desk at BMC from a performance-based group to a quality-based group. What does that mean for BMC customers?
  • Is this transformation something that can be achieved by a typical BMC customer, or is this sort of limited to really big corporations?
  • If BMC customers who want to make a similar leap, what resources does BMC have to offer?



Linda Butts is Senior IT Manager at BMC software. Linda comes to BMC after spending many years building,reengineering and managing high performing global support organizations. Her focus is on improving quality, customer satisfaction and first level resolution while maintain cost containment through the implementation of best practices and process improvements.


At BMC Linda is responsible for the Global Service Desk which resides in Pune India, The Sales Concierge Deskin Houston, along with the Global ITIL Incident Management process. Recently She added to her portfolio by assuming the Discipline Advocate work for the BMC Request and Support product line.

These postings are my own and do not necessarily represent BMC's position, strategies, or opinion.

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