Why did BMC acquire Aeroprise?

By Dan Turchin, former CEO of Aeroprise. Follow Dan on Twitter.


Based on the volume of interest in the acquisition I thought I’d post answers to frequently asked questions here. This one seemed like a good starting point…


Why did BMC acquire Aeroprise?


First, some context:


  • There are more than five billion mobile subscribers on the planet – so about three out of four humans has at least one mobile device.
  • More than 15 billions apps have been downloaded from Apple’s App Store alone in four years and they’re now flying off the virtual shelf at a torrid billion per month.
  • As a consumer technology, smartphones are being adopted at rates that dwarf those of any other technology in history including the TV and PC.


mad_scientist.jpgWith a new generation of workers entering the workplace that grew up using mobile technology, expectations about what smartphones do in our jobs are transforming the very nature of work in ways we haven’t seen since the Industrial Revolution.


So why did BMC acquire Aeroprise?


Here’s my take…


This is the most customer-focused organization I’ve ever seen and the team heard customers request mobility enough to know it was time to act. The trend toward personal devices being used at work, often called the consumerization of IT, has everyone re-thinking how we deliver services to the business. And as mobile devices become our primary computing endpoint it’s essential that all software first be designed with handhelds in mind then extended to PCs for anything that can’t be accomplished while mobile.


Team BMC gets that. That’s what drove the acquisition and that’s where we’re spending our time moving forward. Let me be clear: this goes way beyond apps for smartphones. Yes, this is a shameless tease but one I promise we’ll back up: we’ve got stuff bubbling here in the cauldron that will knock your socks off. So stay tuned… and ‘why’ will answer itself.

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