What Transformer are you? And how is your cloud doing?

Everyone loves a quiz. Entire glossy magazine industries have been built on the premise that people want to know their Cool Score. Or best hair style. And you’d be lying if you said you NEVER clicked on a Facebook quiz to determine what Transformer/Breed of Dog/My Little Pony you were. And then felt legitimately disappointed when it turned out you were more a German Shepherd than the Corgi you had hoped to be.


Or maybe that’s just me.


With that in mind, we set up a cloud survey with Forrester Research this spring, and the results are in! 300 CIOs later, we have a gcloudspending.jpgood sense for where the clouds of the world are standing — and figured the next thing to do was to tell you all what we learned. Why? Not because learning this will help you find your Pokemon. Rather, because people like to know where they stand.


So – the inimitable Dave Bartoletti of Forrester Research and our own Herb VanHook took some time to go over the results in a webinar – and I think you’ll find it interesting to learn how everyone’s doing on their cloud, what their key obstacles have been, and what they wished they knew before. See how you stack up. See if there are things you may have overlooked.


Have a gander at the full whitepaper, entitled “Your Cloud Future is Here.”


I moderated the webinar and thoroughly enjoyed it. Frankly, I love it when a webinar isn’t a disembodied voice droning on into death by PowerPoint. Herb and Dave told excellent customer stories, shared a good banter, and yeah – the slides were even pretty [hey, marketing. we have a bar to meet]. I’ll get the link up shortly.


So… let us know what you think. And what house at Hogwarts you were sorted into.

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