Want Personalized Service Delivery? Consider MyIT.

Today’s blog contribution comes from the desk of Jason Frye, Senior Director, Office of the CTO, BMC Software.


The technology people use in their everyday lives is very user-friendly. They can quickly download a movie, purchase an airline ticket, or check their bank accounts online. The processes for conducting these personal transactions are simple and straightforward. In many ways, however, these experiences contrast with their experiences with technology at work.

For example, workers want IT organizations to provide better information delivery. They want the ability to make appointments with their service desk and to manage and control IT services and information. So, how can IT give users the same excellent experience at work that they have with personal devices at home?

It begins with a mindset focused on consumerizing the IT experience using an intuitive interface that connects the front end of IT service management (ITSM) with the back end. This capability should include self-service, mobility, and social media. Employees should also have easy access to the services they need — anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

We are introducing MyIT to provide these capabilities.


  • Personalize service with an intuitive interface: put the “my” in IT services myit_icon_appointment.png
  • Getting to know you quickly = faster IT issues resolution
  • Increase productivity and take self-service to the next level
  • Improve personalization to local conditions
  • The sky is the limit for keeping users happy


MyIT is transformative, and it integrates seamlessly with the back-end processes.

It enhances the user experience and cuts down on the cost of delivering services as you expand the number of users receiving those services. Service delivery becomes simple, faster, more flexible, and more personal, and that leads to happier end users.

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For more information about MyIT, please visit Myit.bmc.com.

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