Viewpoint: Your ticket to a successful cloud journey

Today’s Viewpoint article comes from Atul Sood, General Manager and Global Head of Cloud Enablement, Wipro Technologies.



The cloud journey, for many organizations, has multiple stages of maturity.


In the early stages, organizations standardize their underlying infrastructure of servers, storage, and network to create a base standard of consolidated, pooled resources. Later, organizations build on that base by virtualizing their infrastructure, applications, middleware, and databases. This stage enables IT to obtain the most value from the environment with a standardized infrastructure and a virtualized application stack.


Finally, IT can automate the operations (IT and business processes) of the environment, which includes the initial resource request process and the ongoing operations of this infrastructure. Standardization/consolidation, virtualization, and automation can greatly increase the efficiency, flexibility, and effectiveness of a cloud while decreasing cost and physical infrastructure requirements.


As you embark on your cloud journey, there are several tips to follow and mistakes to avoid that will ensure you get the most return on investment (ROI) and, more notably, take IT down the path of aligning to the business.


There also will be mistakes to avoid along the way, as you traverse the phases of progress.Successful understanding of the peaks and pitfalls will help your IT organization meet new and emerging business requirements as you travel along your cloud journey.


Your ticket is ready. Travel safely and read the entire article.


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