Update Your LinkedIn Skills with Control-M




LinkedIn continues to be a great place for networking and discussions.  So keep your profile updated and be sure to add Control-M as a skill. 


If you haven’t done so yet, here’s some instructions you can use for adding Control-M to your skills.


Go to your LinkedIn Profile.


  1. Select Edit Profile


1 - Edit Profile.jpg


2. Select “Add sections”  (which is between your Profile and Experience sections)


2 - Select Add Sections.jpg



3. Select “Skills” from the Sections pick list.


3 - Select Skills from Sections.jpg



4.  Click on “Add To Profile

4 - Add to Profile.jpg

5.  Then you can type in Control-M


You will be added to the list of folks that have Control-M listed as a skill.  Check them out while you are there.



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