TrueSight Tech Short: What Is DevOps Anyway?

DevOps is a methodology, not a job function; it is a collaborative process for sharing the challenges faced by developers and operations engineers alike. There’s a trend to want to visualize and share the impact new code has on performance, and there’s a need for solutions that provide fine-grain visualization. In years past, developers often didn’t have insight into the performance monitoring of their newly launched code. This caused a breakdown in the feedback loop, making iterative improvement of user experience cumbersome. DevOps solutions bridge the gap, enabling everyone to see and measure whether or not performance has improved, providing visibility to what’s happening on the servers and within the database and applications.

In this BMC TrueSight Tech Short, Michael Moran, Zachary Schneider, Patrick Campbell, and Kristin Baskett discuss the DevOps methodology, what’s required in today’s digital enterprise environments, and how TrueSight Pulse provides the visibility needed for successful DevOps collaboration.

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