The Three C’s of Cloud Computing Management: Watch the Webinar

As enterprises evolve along the cloud computing maturity curve, we are seeing 3 distinct cloud management requirements emerging: Choice, Compliance and Cost.

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Cloud Choice

The complexity and demands that are placed on IT in most organizations mean that hybrid infrastructure is becoming the norm. Both to manage diverse digital services and to maintain flexibility and avoid vendor lock-in, IT departments are increasingly managing a broad range of underlying infrastructures and this is driving the need to manage a heterogeneous cloud environment as well.

Cloud Compliance

The cloud false starts that have been prevalent in the marketplace have highlighted the requirement to put compliance front and centre when building and manage an enterprise-ready cloud. As more and more IT departments are planning to deploy cloud applications in production, the need to have a consistent way to manage compliance across physical, virtual and cloud environments is essential.

Cloud Cost

And, while the agility benefits of cloud computing have been compelling for many, there is now a keen focus on ensuring that the promised cost benefits are also delivered. With the right cloud management processes, enterprises are finding new ways to better utilize IT assets and crush data center costs while managing risk.

Join Pete Chargin, Sr Director of Solutions Marketing and Brian Emerson, Sr Director of Product Management as they discuss these 3 trends in the context of how to build and manage the best cloud for your business environment. Go here to watch the webinar replay.

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Monica Brink

Monica Brink

Monica Brink is Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for BMC Cloud Management. In her role, Monica has responsibility for solution launches, positioning, messaging, go-to-market strategies and sales enablement for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.