The Buzz on IT Automation: The Automation Maturity Model

Automation tools play an increasingly important role in day-to-day IT operations, however automation can be found in a wide range of software and IT management tools. In IT operations, automation is a word used everywhere.

To understand and measure automation, value can be very hard to quantify and in many cases describe. Automation lives at many levels in IT operations including at the operating system with batch and scripting, at the task level with job schedulers, workload automation brokers and configuration and provisioning tools, at the process level with run book automation tools and at the change management level.

Automation value can be accomplished at each level, however automation can be difficult and complex due to the need to integrate tools. To understand and get control of automation requires an understanding of how the tools provide automation, and how they work together.The BMC Automation Value Maturity Model provides a roadmap to unraveling this complexity.

In this Buzz on IT Automation Show, Ben Newton and David Williams give some insider tips to understanding how the BMC Automation Value Maturity Model provides a roadmap to unraveling the complexities of IT automation. Ben is the Senior Manager,Operations Buyer Marketing and David is the Vice president of strategy in theOffice of the CTO, both at BMC Software.

For More information view this short video of how Automation is changing IT

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