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Tech Short: Real-time Monitoring and Visibility into Application Response Time

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In today’s environment, finding an issue before a user does is critical to drive revenue and keep customers happy. In order to do this, it is essential to have a pulse on application response times with fine-grain granularity. In addition, the DevOps movement to drive agile development and processes requires a need to understand the application impact for web-scale applications in real-time. TrueSight Pulse brings the ease of monitoring to a breadth of platforms, including AWS integration.

In this BMC TrueSight Tech Short, Monika Doshi, Balaji Palani, Patrick Campbell, and Kristin Baskett discuss the state of DevOps and web-scale IT today, the resulting need for real-time monitoring and visibility into application response time, and a brief demonstration of TrueSight Pulse capabilities.

Be sure to read Patrick’s blog SaaS Monitoring Benefits for DevOps, Web-scale IT, and Bimodal Initiatives.

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