STOP!  In the Name of Success

What would you say if I told you that you can finally meet the goals your business owners and IT management have asked of you in terms of Application Performance Management (APM)?  Well, you can indeed meet those APM goals … if only you are willing to stop doing APM!


Yes, you read that right … the problem with today’s application support and application operations practices is just that – we are managing application performance.  So what’s wrong with APM?


  • How often do you find conflicting data pointing to the root cause of an application problem?
  • Did you ever fix an application problem only to discover your end-users are still frustrated with service levels?
  • Is it possible to instrument everything that’s an important part of your mission-critical applications?  If so, at what cost?
  • When is the last time you got a call from an application into the service desk?


If you want your team to stand apart as one of “the groups that gets it”, stop doing APM and start managing end user performance.  If you run a mission-critical application you know already that the satisfaction of your end users is the only thing that matters to the business.  If end users are content with your service delivery they will buy more books, return to your site more regularly, post social media updates about how great your company is, and ensure your company’s revenue goals are met.


You will be the hero … BUT, if you fail … your customers will abandon transactions, they will trash your company on Twitter and Facebook, and your company’s reputation will be irreparably damaged.  And you will probably get the chance to meet some of your company executives under not very pleasant circumstances.  You can prevent this from happening and ensure delighted end users are the hallmark of your company.


So what does end user focused application performance management look like?  Look for a solution with the following capabilities:


  • Global Visibility into application performance from the end-user perspective
    • Eliminate “blind spots” without information overload
  • Automated End-User Forensic Analysis
    • Combine maximum visibility into user experience with deep session analysis
    • to enable rapid and precise problem detection, prioritization and isolation
  • Real-Time Change Impact Analysis
    • Prevent end-user performance issues resulting from application and infrastructure changes
  • End-to-End Application Performance Monitoring
    • Detect problems as soon as a single user experiences them – and capture all of the diagnostic data necessary to drive rapid problem isolation and resolution – for all application architectures



If you want to be an application superhero at your company and manage applications in a way that brings your team closer to the needs of the business, quit doing the same thing expecting different results – take a new approach to APM and watch as customer satisfaction grows and your business goals are exceeded.


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