Shout-Out for BMC in the EMA Private Cloud Radar Report!

EMA-PrivateCloud-IaaSPaaSSaaS_2013_Radar-ValueLeader.pngWe were thrilled here in the BMC cloud team to see the results of the recent  Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Private Cloud Platforms Radar Report.  BMC Cloud Management has been recognized by this respected industry analyst firm as being a ‘Value Leader’ in the private cloud space and was singled out to receive the ‘Best Cloud Security Management’ award.

So, what does this mean exactly and why was BMC given these accolades?

The EMA Private Cloud Radar report analyses the marketplace for private cloud technologies from a customer perspective. EMA defines private cloud as:

“an abstraction layer on top of the typically already existing server virtualization layer” that “orchestrates the existing virtualization stack, as well as the customer’s current enterprise IT management systems in order to offer IT resources in a self-service manner.”

So, it’s a timely report from EMA as many companies are currently evaluating how they can better leverage their virtualization stack in a cloud environment and manage this effectively.

BMC achieved ‘Value Leader’ status in this report by demonstrating consistent strengths across the 2 key parameters of:

  • ‘Solution Impact’ – features, architecture, and integration and
  • ‘Resource Efficiency’ – time, effort, and cost

Pleasingly, EMA recognized BMC’s deep experience in business service management as a key strength, applauding BMC for “tailoring its cloud offerings to tightly fit its existing business service centric portfolio.”

The overall comprehensiveness of the features in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) was praised, with particular emphasis on its user friendliness, the SLA-centric approach of the Service Governor, the comprehensive chargeback and show back capabilities as well as the highly configurable and flexible service blueprints for model-driven service design.

EMA also gave a shout-out to the capacity and performance management features of the solution, describing the cloud proactive performance monitoring capability as taking “a significant burden off of IT operations staff, as static threshold setting and monitoring is labor intensive, error prone, and difficult to maintain in dynamic environments”.

And, as expected, our platform agnostic approach to cloud management and integration with key industry cloud stacks (VCE vBlock, VMware vCloud and Amazon EC2) was recognized with EMA describing BMC cloud management as constituting “an excellent solution when it comes to managing a heterogeneous IT environment in a more efficient manner”.

EMA-PrivateCloud-2013_RadarAward_BMC.pngSo, the overall results were excellent, but we were particularly thrilled to be singled out for the ‘Best Cloud Security Management’ award as security continues to be a significant area of concern for customers as they leverage cloud. EMA was impressed with our solution’s ability to enable policy driven provisioning and management of security components (firewalls, load balancers and VLANs) which greatly reduces the security vulnerabilities of a private cloud.

“BMC offers customers the overall strongest cloud security solution, combining ease-of-management and policy-controlled consistency”

It’s great to get this industry recognition and we see it as a validation of the focus we’ve had on building a cloud solution that delivers rich functionality while addressing key customers requirements around ease of use, compliance, security and leveraging existing IT investments.


Find out more about BMC Cloud Management here.


“By Monica Brink”

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Monica Brink

Monica Brink

Monica Brink is Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for BMC Cloud Management. In her role, Monica has responsibility for solution launches, positioning, messaging, go-to-market strategies and sales enablement for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.