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SHARE Providence – A Great Experience

Bronna Shapiro
by Bronna Shapiro

SHARE Providence (#SHAREpvd) was amazing for so many reasons:

  • 500+ technical sessions including hot topics like DevOps, Big Data, mobile, cloud and security
  • 800+ attendees whose viewpoints and knowledge made for thought provoking conversations
  • Numerous TechTalks including one on SOA and the mainframe– check out a white paper that shows you how to realize its’ benefits

Not the least was seeing and talking to so many millennials who are jazzed and passionate about their careers in the mainframe space. A large number stopped by BMC Software’s booth to ask questions and took the opportunity to engage with our experts, some of whom are millennials themselves. They attended technical sessions delivered by our and other gurus and took advantage of the zNextGen Project that SHARE provided for this new generation of cool hip ‘mainframers’. The mainframe is clearly attracting young and new talent which means that the future is bright and exciting.

I had the pleasure of chatting with so many people. It was nice to hear how much they value BMC’s commitment to innovation on the mainframe and how our solutions drive value for their companies. I had a thoroughly enjoyable conversation with a young man who adored JCL and is a self-described ‘JCL-junkie”. JCL has been around for a long time but if it is not setup properly work may not complete successfully or on time, threatening those all-important SLAs. Good to know that JCL is in good hands. SHARE has put a big smile on my face and made me more excited than ever about what is to come!

The mainframe is alive and more vibrant and relevant than ever. Don’t miss this short video by IBM’s CEO that was played at the opening session that brings that point home. To how BMC’s commitment to innovation on the mainframe can reduce your MLC spend, find and fix problems faster and increase staff efficiency be sure to read this.

Live long and prosper! See you at SHARE in Sacramento March 11-16, 2018.

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Bronna Shapiro

Bronna Shapiro

Bronna Shapiro has been involved in a variety of roles in the software industry ranging from systems programming to product and solutions marketing. At Candle Corporation (now a part of IBM) Bronna was in charge of product management for the operating system and subsystems solutions. At PROS, in Houston, TX, Bronna was the industry solution manager for high tech and led a team to determine the top pricing solutions that would benefit high tech manufacturing. Bronna graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Today, Bronna is the Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for MainView Systems Management at BMC Software.