Seven Characteristics of #ITSuperheroes

Superhero.pngSuperheroes live among us. They have super powers, do amazing things that most normal people can’t understand and work behind the scenes to make the world run – all without being recognized most of the time.


Are you one of the IT Superheroes? Check out our list below to find out, and then visit VMWorld Booth 2123 to see how you’d look as an IT Superhero, and finally get the recognition you deserve!


1. You have a Secret Lair.

You know what we’re talking about. It’s that corner of the office with hundreds of feet of CAT5 cable, a dozen spray air cans, spindles of CDRs and stacks of old hard drives. IT Superheroes need a spot to call their own and to keep all of their stuff. Loaner laptops don’t store themselves.


2. You have an Arch Enemy.

Whether your Arch Enemy is Dr. Downtime, The Evil Lord Diskfailure or Wizard Passwordforget, his dastardly deeds work against you and your mission. Luckily for the citizens of Userland, the IT Superheroes are there to restore order.


3. You have a trusty sidekick.

Maybe it’s a can of energy drink or your hard rock mix CD, or that guy named Bob. Whoever he is, he helps make sure you can get your job done and you know you couldn’t get the job done without him.


4. You have a utility belt full of gadgets.

When duty calls, you need to have your weapons at hand. Your huge can of spray air, a dozen teeny screwdrivers and all four types of USB cable (wait, doesn’t “U” in USB stand for “Universal”?) Whatever the gadgets are, they make your job easier to do.


5. You have a super power.

Maybe you can provision cloud services in minutes, code modules in moments or restore mail servers in the blink of an eye. IT Superheros have amazing skills in what they do, often unnoticed until help is needed.


6. You work in the cover of darkness.

We’re not talking about the back alleyways of the streets, our IT Superheroes are most often found in those dusty back server rooms optimizing hardware, adding new switches and onboarding new servers.


7. You have a secret identity.

Because IT Superheroes work in the cover of darkness, they’re not often seen and are sometimes not recognized for the amazing work you do. They might seem like a regular mild-mannered guy named Scott, but when the time calls, IT Superheros do amazing things to keep the world running smoothly.


Did we miss any characteristics? Make sure to share them in the comments below or tweet them using Hashtag #ITsuperheroes, and then come to VMWorld Booth 2123 to Super-fy yourself and see how you’d look as an IT Superhero!

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