Self Service — Striking the Balance Between Business and IT

Business users today have moved from being passive stakeholders in IT processing to active participants.  The role that business users play in workload automation is a great example of this.


There was a time when IT was the sole owner and decision maker for scheduled processing.  They decided when and where jobs ran and business users were the recipients of the output.  With the pressure on IT to align with business, the relationship between the two has become much more collaborative.  Workflow definitions and scheduling decisions are many times decided amongst a team of folks that often includes a business owner, application developer, scheduler, and administrator.  


To facilitate this change of behavior, companies are implementing Self Service tools that enable business users to have access to processing information relative to their business domain.   In the last 12 months, nearly 20 percent of BMC Control-M customers indicate they have implemented Self Service (from BMC Control-M Enterprise Scheduling/Workload Automation Research 2012).


Self Service for Workload Automation is creating a structural shift, blending business and IT skills in the effort of defining, scheduling, monitoring and executing scheduled work – with the goal of better service delivery both internally and externally.   Below are the results from the recent BMC Research that asked companies using Control-M Self Service, what types of users are involved.



Workload Automation Self Service Users.jpg



It’s not surprising to see the rapid adoption of Self Service as the benefits reported by users are:

     – Fewer service requests leading to lower help desk costs

     – Faster execution of workflows by eliminating manual steps that required non-IT operations staff

     – Better business service since business users stay informed of state, status and can perform basic tasks for their domain



With 70% of all processing still scheduled, business users want to be involved and informed of the processing for their business unit.   It just makes good business sense.


Watch this brief 2-minute video and see what Self Service can do for your business.


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