SaaS in the Public Sector

“Many public sector IT professionals have reservations about cloud security and privacy,” said BMC R&D Program Manager Kazem Safari in a recent white paper.


Private sector enterprises are already taking advantage of SaaS IT service management solutions because of the greater affordability, flexibility, and speed of implementation that cloud computing offers. Many public sector entities, however, may hesitate to adopt this model until they are sure that the solutions meet the stringent security regulations and standards of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and the emerging GSA Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP).


This article focuses on the issues involved in deploying a SaaS ITSM solution in a U.S. Federal Government agency, the same issues can apply to most public sector IT organizations in the United States and worldwide.


The greater affordability, flexibility, and speed of implementation that cloud computing offers are major factors in the growing emphasis on SaaS at all levels of government. Public sector IT professionals, however, may hesitate to adopt cloud-based IT service management solutions until they are sure they meet stringent security regulations and standards. While caution is wise, the reality is that IT service management is one area in which secure, reliable, and cost-effective public cloud options are available. Choosing IT service managements solutions running on a SaaS model is wise as long as you ensure that the provider understands the security standards and can support the level of security your environment requires. Read more here.


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